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How to clean a house professionally ( 10 great top tips from the professionals )

How to clean a house professionally

We all try our best to keep our house looking as good as possible around our busy working lives. But how many of us know how to clean a house professionally?

If you don't have a good house cleaning company cleaning your home, you want to know how to achieve the best results yourself.

The purpose of this article is to give you some great tips around keeping your home looking in tip-top condition.

Clean a house professionally
Clean a house professionally - how Mary Poppins would do it

Without good cleaning equipment, the result will never be great

If you have an old photocopier, you wouldn't expect perfect copies every single time, and printing will be slower than a new machine. The same is true with regard to cleaning equipment. In order to clean a house professionally, you need good equipment.

A good quality vacuum cleaner is essential when it comes to working efficiently. Click here to learn about the best vacuum options if you are considering a new purchase.

What the the best cloths to use?

Microfibre cloths are very popular, and they are great for some jobs including buffing up, and leaving streak-free finishes on glass and mirrors. They work fine for dry dusting, cleaning woodwork, and final polishing. However, they are not very absorbent. Most of the time you will want to use them either dry or slightly damp.

Paper towels or disposable cloths are good for very nasty or greasy messes that will contaminate your sponge or rag, things like the outside of the toilet.

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Cleaning is different to clearing clutter!

The first thing to understand is that there's a difference between clearing clutter and cleaning. A lot of times when we clean our own homes we do both at the same time, however this is not the most efficient way. To clean a house professionally, the cloutter must be removed first.

If you were employing a professional cleaner to clean your home, you would most likely tidy up before they come, in order they can focus on the cleaning. Preparation ahead of you cleaning your own home should be no different.

Set yourself a clear cleaning schedule or routine

Setting time in your diary for your house cleaning every week will ensure it isn't forgotten about, and will keep everything looking great. Consistency is key when it comes to clean a house professionally.

You may even wish to write down your own cleaning schedule to ensure areas aren't forgotten about. Add areas that you may forget normally on here, such as behind heavy furniture, and behind books on bookshelves. This will ensure you know how to clean a house professionally, by following a set routine.

Clean a house professionally by having a clear schedule

Start with the bathrooms and toilets first

Bathrooms are the areas that most of us dread, so why not get them out of the way firsy?

Remove everything from the baths and showers and spray them with the bathroom cleaner you prefer and leave them to soak, allowing sufficient contact time as detailed on the cleaning product instructions.

Do the same with the toilet bowls. Give the toilet a flush first, and scrub up and down with the toilet brush to lower the water level. You can then put the cleaning products down the toilet and give them an initial scrub with the brush. This is a good time to change any toilet bin bags with you and empty all of the waste baskets.

Clean Ceilings and Walls From Top to Bottom

While your bathroom cleaning products are working in the bathrooms, this is a good time to start on cobwebs and dust on the ceilings, corners and door frame. Make sure that you work methodically around each room, always moving in the same direction. Also, always start at the highest point in each room, removing dust from each surface as you work down. This is a key factor in order to clean a house professionally.

Return to the bathrooms

By the time you've removed all the webs and dust, you're ready to finish the bathrooms. Don't forget rubber gloves when cleaning down the toilet.

Clean your bathroom floors last when leaving bathrooms, so they have time to dry and aren't walked over when wet.

Do you have a shower curtain? If your shower curtain has mildew, you can wash it in warm water on a gentle wash cycle and hang it back in the shower to dry - do not tumble dry it!

How to dust your home

When it comes to clean a house professionally, knowing how to dust correctly is key.

  • Furniture: Starting at the highest point, remove all small items from the shelves and table tops. Polish wood surfaces with whatever suitable product you prefer.
  • Lamps: If the lampshade is covered in fabric, remove it and set it aside to be vacuumed. Wipe off the lamp itself and lift it to dust underneath.
  • Knick Knacks: Wipe each item from the shelves and coffee tables down before putting them back.

Clean your kitchen

When it comes to knowing how to clean a house professionally, the kitchen is an area that needs real attention.

To start, you may want to wash all of your dishes, dry them, and put them away or run your dishwasher. This comes back to removing clutter before starting cleaning.

Clean your fridge - Start with the shelves in the doors. Remove all items from one shelf and clean the shelf with a damp cloth. If your shelves are very sticky, you may need to spray them with an all purpose cleaner, or some soapy water, and let them soak for a few minutes. Wipe off each bottle or container before putting it back in the fridge. If following this method, clean all of the the shelves. Also wash out the drawers themselves occasionally as required.

Clean cabinet fronts - This is where you microfibre cloth is likely to be a good choice, with all all-purpose cleaner.

Clean work surfaces - Much like cabinet fronts, a microfibre cloth and all-purpose cleaner is a great choice to leave a streak free finish. Be sure to move appliances such as kettles and clean behind them and under where they normally sit.

Clean your sink - You can use a non-abrasive sponge, warm water and washing up liquid to clean your sink. If your sink has already been scratched by abrasive cleansers such as ajax, you may have no choice but to continue using them to get your sink clean. Just make sure to rinse the sink well, especially after using anything containing bleach. If you leave it on it, this can damage sink surfaces and result in fading.

Clean the floors last - Vacuum or sweep your floors to remove any debris, then use your damp mop. Back out of the kitchen as you mop to avoid leaving footprints.

Always vacuum and mop your floors last

To clean a house professionally, you will always clean the floors last. This is because all debris should be on the floor after other cleaning, and can be dealt with quickly and in one attempt.

We hope you have got some great tips from this article on house to clean a house professionally, and it will make cleaning your home a bit easier, with greater results achieved.

The same is true that a professional service is needed for cleaning any workplace. Click here to learn more about Green Fox Cleaning, who provide a commercial cleaning services for businesses in all sectors.