What are the 3 categories of cleaning? ( Cleaning Category Guidelines )

What are the 3 categories of cleaning?

Do you know what are the 3 categories of cleaning in the commercial cleaning sector are? Or did you even know there are three main categories?

There are many more if we consider window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, high level pipe cleaning etc, but this article is focusing on the main 3 categories of cleaning in a commercial cleaning setting.

Understanding the core commercial cleaning options allows you to understand which option will work the best for your business.

3 categories of cleaning
3 categories of cleaning

Daily cleaning services

The first of the 3 categories of cleaning in the commercial sector is daily cleaning. Daily cleaning services are the most common cleaning choice for larger companies, and those that treat cleaning in their workplace extremely seriously.a

If you need a regular clean for your office, restaurant, casino, gym or venue in any other sector, then you should be considering this option of commercial cleaning service.

Daily cleaning services are often required by businesses with a large capacity and high foot traffic throughout the day, especially those having high numbers of visitors and clients through the door.

Cleaning on a daily basis ensures you create a great first impression to anybody walking into your venue and give the perception of a professional, clean and safe business.

The exact tasks completed as part of a daily cleaning will vary depending on what sector you operate in, but will generally include the following:

  • Cleaning of all floors, both hard and carpet
  • Cleaning of office desks / restaurant tables
  • Cleaning of gym equipment in the leisure sector
  • Emptying of rubbish and recycling bins
  • Sanitising door handles, light switches and other touch points
  • Cleaning staff and public toilets, and replenishing soap / hand towels
Gym cleaning

Periodic cleaning

The second of the 3 categories of cleaning in the commercial sector is periodic cleaning. This type of cleaning is ideal for a smaller premises with few or not visitors that does not require a daily cleaning service.

Just like daily cleaning, however, the services provided are the same and a clear schedule should be provided to ensure all cleaning tasks are completed to the required standard.

When creating a periodic cleaning schedule, a business must take their requirements into consideration and consider what is important for them.

At Green Fox Cleaning we clean a number of premises on periodic basis. The frequency of this varies generally from one to three visits per week.

Periodic cleaning is often beneficial for smaller offices that do not have as many visitors and staff using them each day. They are also good for an industry that does not have regular visitors to an office.

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Periodic cleaning services

Deep cleaning

The final of the 3 categories of cleaning in the commercial cleaning sector is that of deep cleaning.

 A deep clean is performed by a specialist team of cleaners using the latest methods of cleaning and equipment, in order to achieve the best result.

Deep cleaning is undertaken when the level of cleaning is beyond that of daily or periodic cleaning, or when the task is more specialist and requires more specialist equipment, such as electrostatic cleaning in the case of viral outbreaks at premises.

A deep clean not only drastically helps improve the appearance of a business’s premises and assets, but it can also prolong their life.

Deep cleans will take a lot longer than regular cleaning services, with a far higher level of detail being applied to the clean.

Deep cleaning

Green Fox Cleaning provide all 3 categories of cleaning detailed in this article, and many more specialist services including carpet cleaning and window cleaning. Click here to learn more about Green Fox Cleaning, and request a free, no obligation quote for your premises.

There are many, many other categories of cleaning. Wikipedia has compiled a full list which can be seen by clicking here if you have some time to pass!