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23 June 2022
Latest Green Fox Cleaning office opens to deliver great 5 star commercial cleaning services to Guildford and surrounding areas!

At Green Fox, we pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled local commercial cleaning service. We are delighted to report the opening of a dedicated office for Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas.

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21 June 2022
What causes sticky floors? 5 common causes, with great tips to stop this problem.

Do you know what causes sticky floors? You will after reading this short article on the subject.

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4 June 2022
Brighton office Cleaning company services - making a great choice, 1st time!

Learn about making the right choice for Brighton office cleaning services, or anywhere else with our local offices

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3 June 2022
Make a great choice for restaurant cleaning services for a 5 star service! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Restaurant cleaning services need high levels of detail, and the highest reliability. Learn more about restaurant cleaning services here.

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3 June 2022
Gym cleaning services - make a strong choice - 1st time! 💪

Learn about selecting an office cleaning company in this short blog, and the questions to ask when selecting

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16 May 2022
How to select a great pub cleaning company - 1st time!

Cleaning of pubs requires specialist knowledge of the industry. Learn more here about selecting the best pub cleaning company for your venue.

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13 May 2022
Daytime cleaning or evening cleaning - great tips for which is best - 6pm or 6am

Daytime or evening cleaning - which is best for YOUR workplace?

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10 May 2022
How to clean a house professionally ( 10 great top tips from the professionals )

Do you know how to clean a house professionally? Unless you are Mary Poppins, get some great tips in this article.

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5 May 2022
What are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning? Great free tips and 6 key considerations that may help your business make a great decision!

What are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning for your business? This article should help explain why it is a good idea.

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3 May 2022
How to clean a standing fan - Great tips how to get inside those blades - 7 easy stages

Do you know how to clean a standing fan at your workplace or home? Learn the best way to do so in this blog.

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