Professional Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning services are a big part of our commercial cleaning services. They are where our core business services began, and we have developed our processes, products and methods over the years to ensure we now deliver unrivalled office cleaning services.

Our client base varies massively in this field. We have some clients that have just one or two visits per week, as well as clients in large office buildings having site supervisors and cleaning teams attending every single day for routine cleaning. We clean independent company offices, and the offices of nationally recognised brands.

However big your requirement, please be assured that we can cope. We can provide references from many satisfied clients to prove we can manage offices of any size.

With more and more offices having glass wall divides, an excellent eye to detail is required at all times. Our highly trained cleaning operatives are skilled at cleaning offices of all sizes.

A clean office space improves staff morale, as well as presenting a professional image to your visitors. We also provide sanitisation cleaning of offices to reduce your staff sickness levels.

Let us take care of your office cleaning needs, to allow you to do what you do best and grow your business.

With dedicated cleaning operatives, you can be guaranteed that personal pride will be taken in the cleaning of your venue, and consistently high standards maintained.

What are the benefits of using a professional office cleaning company?

A professional office cleaning service will offer numerous benefits to your business.

The first and perhaps most obvious benefit is that your office will look clean, fresh, and attractive. Dust on ledges, bins not emptied and even cobwebs will have a negative effect on the appearance of your premises to both staff and visitors. 

Remember, there is no second chance to make a great first impression!

High levels of cleanliness throughout your office building will also help to reduce costs associated with staff sickness and reduce levels of absence. 

At Green Fox Cleaning, we pride ourselves of the highest levels of customer satisfaction arising from our reliable office cleaning services.

We produce bespoke deep cleaning tasks for each client, to ensure we meet your exact needs and deliver the most effective office cleaning service for you.

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We can clean all areas within your office building to include offices, washrooms and break rooms at the times most convenient to you, to ensure there is no disruption to your business operations – be that during your opening hours, or when you are closed.

We can offer the highest levels of cleaner vetting for high security office premises to include extensive cleaner vetting.

Our advanced attendance management systems alert an on-call manager in the event your premises cleaners don’t arrive or leave at the expected times, to ensure you never risk walking into a dirty office the following morning.

Since moving into our large headquarters, we struggled to find a cleaning contractor that could attend to our large scale developing office space.

Green Fox Cleaning not only provided a flexible and adaptable service for us, but their communication is outstanding and their reliability relieves any additional pressures from us. During the Covid-19 outbreak, Green Fox acted fast to provide us with a thorough Covid-safe environment throughout the entirety of the pandemic, offering and supplying innovative and suitable products. 

Our dedicated site cleaning supervisor and cleaning team attend every day and take real pride in their work. We look forward to continue our good working relationship into the New Year.
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How do Green Fox Cleaning deliver reliable office cleaning services and why should you choose us?

At Green Fox Cleaning, we have developed a great reputation for delivering unrivalled office cleaning services from our local and regional offices, ensuring excellent levels of customer service.

In addition to the best cleaning equipment, we also invest heavily in staff training and wellbeing, which in turn allows us to recruit the best local talent. We also enjoy great staff retention rates compared to other cleaning companies, which in turn means a more consistent office cleaning service for our clients.

If we had to pick just five great reasons to trust us to deliver our reliable office cleaning service to your premises, they would be these:

We deliver a local service – we aren’t trying to manage your contract from miles away, This ensures you always have great levels of support.
We operate an advanced attendance management system that we have developed over a number of years that no other cleaning company has.
We pay our staff a fair wage, never the minimum wage. Our staff also receive a great employee benefits package, which keeps our staff motivated to deliver the best possible result for our clients.
Our staff are trained to a high nationally recognised standard by our qualified in-house training teams, to ensure they clean effectively, and efficiently. Highly trained professional office cleaners will always deliver the best results for you.
We proactively manage your contract with regular management visits to check standards, rather than waiting for a complain and being purely reactive like many other companies.

There are so many more great benefits that come with our swift office cleaning services including a 24-hour client support line, and we would be delighted to discuss these benefits in more detail with you.  

Click to contact your local office and request a call-back, to learn how we can help improve the appearance of your offices.

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Commercial Office Cleaners for businesses across the UK


Professional, comprehensive and reliable cleaning services for offices of all sizes with GPS tracked, dedicated cleaning staff.


Reliable, efficient cleaning services for nurseries, schools and universities with highly trained and fully vetted cleaning teams.

Healthcare and Medical

Daily and regular cleaning services for doctors surgeries, dental practices and veterinary practices.

Communal Blocks

Regular reliable communal cleaning of flats and apartment blocks of all sizes.

Leisure and Hospitality

We have a strong reputation for cleaning gyms, leisure centres and community centres.

Pubs and Restaurants

Regular cleaning services for nationally recognised brands as well as independent pubs, restaurants and nightclubs.
Green Fox supply Cleaning Services for all sectors
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Our local approach means we will have a Green Fox office local to you, wherever you are in the United Kingdom.

We don’t believe in offering services from the other side of the country with limited local support, unlike some companies.

If you have multiple offices across the country, each venue will have a local manager to deliver the best possible service.

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