What are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning? Great free tips and 6 key considerations that may help your business make a great decision!

What are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning at your workplace?

Over recent years, there has been a notable shift for workplaces in all sectors making the decision to trust professional commercial cleaning companies with the cleaning of their premises. Be it offices, schools, pubs, restaurants or any other sector you can think of, there are very strong arguments for making this decision.

What are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning for your business? This article should help explain why it is a good idea.

Benefits of outsourcing cleaning

Over years gone by, companies have decided to employ their cleaner(s) directly, or use an individual self-employed cleaner as it seems a cheaper option. If you have Mary Poppins this may well be true, however if your cleaner is a normal human being, they are likely to have periods of sickness, want annual leave, and let their standards drop from time to time. They also require professional training, refresher training and to be managed the same as any other employee - they are representing your business after all!

Do you really happy have time to manage the cleaning team at your workplace, as well as run all other aspects of the business?

"Ask yourself honestly - when did you last provide professional training for your cleaners? What training records do you hold, in the event someone was injured today after the cleaner forgot to place a wet floor sign, or left something unsafe following their work? If you are embarrassed or concerned by what your answer would be, it is time to seriously consider outsourcing your cleaning"

Paul Barrett - Director, Green Fox Cleaning Limited

Even if you have employed your cleaner(s) in house for many years, the process to transfer their employment to a commercial cleaning company is straightforward when the company are experienced in this process. At Green Fox Cleaning we have successfully transferred many employees from in-house to our employment.

These employees have benefited from our great employee benefits package which is highly focused on their welfare, and they still feel part of the team where they have worked!

Points to consider when considering what are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning at your premises

When looking at the benefit of using a commercial contract cleaning company versus employing in-house, you should consider the following points:

  • Do you have a plan if your cleaner is sick, on holiday or quits without notice to ensure your premises is clean?
  • Do you provide sufficient training initially and on an ongoing basis, to fulfil your employers Health & Safety obligations around COSHH, manual handling and other key areas of legal responsibility
  • Do you provide training to ensure your cleaner(s) clean to a professional standard, preventing cross contamination and work in the safest and most efficient way?
  • Do you have knowledge of the best products to tackle viruses and other outbreaks?
  • Do you have access to specialist equipment in the event of COVID or similar outbreaks, to quickly disinfect your premises and make it safe for staff to return
  • Do you have procedures in place to audit and feedback any concerns over cleaning, and manage poor performance?
  • Don't only look at the headline price quoted to outsource cleaning - look at the value. How much of your time is taken up managing cleaning standards or cleaners, or ordering cleaning supplies or products? That is a hidden cost within your company.

The above list is far from exhaustive, but gives an idea of just how many things need to be considered if employing your cleaning team in-house.

The benefits offered by commercial cleaning companies when outsourcing cleaning will vary considerably and careful selection is essential to ensure the best value and service. If you select a bad commercial cleaning company, it could cause you a huge headache.

Benefits of outsourcing cleaning at your workplace us

If you select a good commercial cleaning company when you decide to outsource cleaning, the process should be seamless, and the benefits to your company apparent from day one. Below are a number of benefits of using Green Fox Cleaning:

  • Highly trained staff, trained by our in-house British Institute of Cleaning Science team
  • A 24-hour client support line means we are there when you need us most.
  • GPS tracked staff monitored round the clock, with any absence actioned live time, meaning you will never miss a clean!
  • A local service, meaning we know your area and have access to the best staff.
  • Dedicated cleaning operatives at every site, ensuring personal pride is taken.
  • A fleet of mobile support cleaners on hand to respond to any short notice absence, to ensure you never miss a clean!
  • Regular site audits, to ensure high standards are maintained.
  • Dedicated point of contact for every client.

Once again this list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of the benefits of using a good commercial cleaning company rather than managing this in-house.

What are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning?
What are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning?

We hope you have found this article useful. If you would like a confidential conversation about the benefits of outsourcing cleaning at your premises, click here to contact your local office.

What are the benefits of outsourcing cleaning? Hopefully this article has given you some food for thought.

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