Centralised bin systems - 4 great benefits!

Centralised bin systems are a great addition to any workplace, and demonstrate commitment to reducing plastic wastage as caused by individual desk bins.

They also help employee wellbeing, as it encourages employees to walk a short distance to the bin, thus reducing discomfort from being in a fixed seating position all day.

What are centralised bin systems?

Quite simply, centralised bin systems are groups of bins to cover generally rubbish and recycling. They are placed at strategic points in premises. One centralised bin system of one rubbish and one recycling bin will typically serve 10-20 employees and remove the need for 10-20 individual desk bins and associated bin liners.

What are the benefits of a centralised bin system?

There are numerous benefits to the implementation of a centralised bin system. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Reduces plastic wastage caused by desk bins
  • Increases company recycling levels, and removes the "lazy" option of dropping otherwise recyclable items into desk bins
  • Employee wellbeing - encourages short screen breaks and movement to go the bin, helping reduce long periods of sitting still
  • Stops scraps of food ending up under desks, when they are thrown towards individual bins, and miss. The possible knock on is pest problems or bad smells if you don't have a good commercial cleaning company to take care of your workplace cleaning.

A real life success story of recycling


Google has made several conscious efforts to improve their corporate social responsibility across the company. One of the most impactful changes Google implemented was the removal of desk bins from individual employee desks in their London office. By removing the bins, Google saw a 50% rise in recycling rates across their office. This simple move helped Google meets its green initiative goals.

Centralised bin options

At Green Fox Cleaning, we have access to various centralised bin options that we have supplied successfully to clients. We have received excellent feedback from these clients since they have been implemented.

The below image shows our preferred bin option to supply to clients. They are used in our own Head Office premises. These bins have a great 70 litre capacity, and are made from 100% recycled plastic.

We also provide recycled plastic bin liners, showing your commitment to the environment even more.

Centralised bin systems
One centralised bin option, as used in Green Fox Cleaning head office

To find out more Green Fox Cleaning about how we can help provide centralised bin options for your workplace, and/or cleaning services - simply click here to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Centralised bin systems can make a real difference to your workplace. We hope this article has given you a good understanding of the reasons why.

Make individual desk bins a thing of the past