How to clean laminate floors without leaving a film - great tip

How to clean laminate floors without leaving a film

Knowing how to clean laminate floors without leaving a film is a skill that could remove a lot of stress and frustration in the future.

More and more businesses are turning to a hard floor option, with laminate being a very cost-effective solution. It is a common site in doctors surgeries, dental practices and many other sectors, including offices.

Why is laminate flooring a good choice for the workplace?

Laminate flooring has a number of benefits for the work environment, including the following:

Affordable - Laminate flooring is a cost-effective floor option when compared to some other options. It is also a long lasting option and won't need replacing every few years like carpet may - you can lay it and forget about it (apart from the cleaning that is - more on that shortly!)

Durable - Laminate flooring is strong. It can handle scratches, dents and even fading. Most laminate floor options have a protective layer on top, helping it look great for an extended period.

Ease of installation - Most laminate floor options gave a click and lock mechanism, making installation a much more straightforward process than it once was. This minimises any downtime in the workplace.

Eco-friendly - Compared to most other options, laminate flooring is an eco friendly choice. No harsh chemicals are needed for cleaning, resulting in a significant reduction of usage over the years it remains in place.

Hypoallergenic - Being sealed, laminate flooring does not trap contaminants including dust, making it a great choice if you have staff with allergies.

If you have opted for laminate flooring at your workplace, it is a good time now to learn how to clean laminate floors without leaving a film.

How to clean laminate floors without leaving a film

Daily maintenance cleaning

The first thing you need to do to prepare to clean laminate floors without leaving a film is to vacuum the floor corner to corner, to remove any debris. If you don't complete this important step first, you risk causing scratching to the floor if any sharp pieces of debris are moved around by your mop on the next stage.

Want a DIY cleaning solution for your laminate flooring?

An old-fashioned mix of vinegar and water will often deliver a superior clean to many well known brand alternative cleaning products.

To make your own laminate floor cleaner, simply mix equal parts of hot water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Use the bottle to spray the floor before you mop it with a microfibre mop, and you’re all set.

If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, remember that it will go quickly after use. If this still puts you off, that you can always add a few drops of essential oil in a scent you like (lemon, orange, etc) or a few drops of good-smelling dish detergent to your spray bottle mix. Just be aware that these products may dull the shine produced by the vinegar and your elbow grease.

This DIY cleaning solution is not only much cheaper than a retail brand (it literally costs a few pennies per bottle), but it is much more environmentally sustainable and does not bring extra chemicals into your workplace.

This method will ensure that you clean laminate floors without leaving a film each and every time.

"Never get your laminate floor wet with excess liquid when cleaning - this will result in the floor warping and causing permanent damage."

Green Fox Cleaning accredited trainer

To to remove a film from laminate floors

If your laminate floor has built up a waxy film, this will dramatically detract from the aesthetics of the flooring. The good news is however there is an easy way to remove this film. The best solvent to remove this is simply white spirit (also known as stoddard solvent). You need to moisten a light coloured rag with the white spirit and scrub, putting some elbow grease in. If the rag turns dark, you know the process is working.

Make sure you rotate the rag, and keep using a clan section with regular rag replacements to achieve the best results.

We hope you have found this guid on clean laminate floors without leaving a film useful.

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