Commercial cleaning charges - How much do commercial cleaning companies charge in England? 6 great tips on what affects price.

Commercial cleaning charges

Commercial cleaning charges will vary considerably from company to company.

The cost quoted by any company will be dependant on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The level of training (or lack of!) provided to staff.
  • The quality of cleaning products and machinery provided
  • Measures in place for staff monitoring (GPS tracking etc)
  • 24-hour client support line - are they there when you need them most?
  • How much they pay their staff - do they pay a fair wage or the minimum wage?
  • Do they even employ their staff directly or use self-employed people?

Are these the only factors that affect what companies charge?

There are of course many more factors that will influence the price that a company charges per hour. Another consideration is the time taken - a company with highly trained staff and the best products could be one and a half to two times more expensive, but may do the job in half the time, and far better. It isn't always as simple as picking the cheapest hourly rate.

Commercial cleaning charges
Commercial cleaning charges - consider the whole picture

It is not possible to emphasise enough that when selecting a commercial cleaning company, that you should consider the value of the service being offered, and not the price alone.

How do I find a great value commercial cleaning company?

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Commercial cleaning charges
Commercial cleaning charges