Do commercial cleaning companies in England charge by the hour or square footage?

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Do commercial cleaning companies in England charge by the hour or square footage of premises?

This will vary from company to company, however generally a cleaning company should give you an idea of how long a clean is expected to take each visit, and you should be able to work out an approximate hourly rate from this.

Remember that how long it takes a commercial cleaning company to complete a clean at your premises each visit will be dependant on a number of factors, including:

  • The level of training the cleaner has received
  • The quality of products and equipment provided by the cleaning company
  • The clarity of the cleaning schedule.

It is therefore important that you should consider the value of the service, rather than simply the price.

Consider that a cleaner with a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner is likely to complete the cleaning of floors far quicker than a cleaner provided an old one with a short cable, in probably less than half the time. So it is probably worth paying a higher hourly rate for less hours, for a better result in this scenario.

Whilst some services such as carpet cleaning are generally based on the square footage of a premises, commercial cleaning of premises has far more variables and will normally be based on an hourly rate or "visit" price unless the premises is extremely large, where an average cost per square foot may be charged.

Always be cautious of quotes that are based on a "job price" and aren't open and tranmsparent about what you are getting. It is good to know what time you are paying for in terms of hours, and to know these hours are being fufilled.

At Green Fox Cleaning, our advanced GPS system ensures that our clients get the time they pay for, every visit.

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