Event cleaning services Cheshire - case study from July 2023 at The Neston Club with great feedback

Event cleaning services Cheshire - a case study

If you work for an events company or are putting on an event locally yourself, there are SO many things you need to consider as part of this setup to ensure your event runs smoothly. One key aspect is to keep the venue looking clean and great throughout the event.

If you google "event cleaning services Cheshire" or "event cleaning services" you will get pages of results - where should you start? If you aren't hosting an event in Cheshire fear not - we have regional offices across the country to support you - more on this later.

This short case study is on our work at The Neston Club in Cheshire across the 6th-8th July 2023 - where a large event was hosted, attended by hundreds of people. The event required a cleaning contractor to keep the site looking great for visitors that attended the event over this three day period.

Our tasks included the stacking and setting of chairs, cleaning and refreshing of visitor toilets, litter picking and much more across this busy event.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Practices at all events we attend

Looking after the planet is a huge consideration when organising any event. Selecting an environmentally conscious cleaning company for your event should be high on your list of priorities.

At Green Fox Cleaning, we are committed to safeguarding the environment by prioritising sustainable cleaning practices. By carefully selecting the most environmentally friendly cleaning products and implementing efficient cleaning techniques, we ensure that our event cleaning services have minimal impact on the environment. Choosing Green Fox Cleaning event cleaning services Cheshire or anywhere else in the country demonstrates your event's dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a greener future.

Highest cleaning standards throughout the event

The toilets are often the first place where things take a downward turn at events in terms of their appearance and smell. A good event cleaning company will have the skills and equipment to minimise unpleasant smells, and make the toilet facilities pleasant places to be. Constant scheduled refreshing of facilities will ensure they are kept looking their best at all times.

Our highly experienced and professionally trained cleaning staff use industry-leading cleaning techniques and equipment to deliver exceptional service cleaning quality and customer service as part of our event cleaning services Cheshire, and anywhere else we deliver event cleaning services.

Our cleaning staff are all directly employed, and are trained by our in-house British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) training team. They are trained to a nationally recognised standard to work efficiently and effectively, whilst working safely at the same time.

The below gallery shows a large number of tissues removed and strewn across surfaces, and within minutes this mess was resolved, thanks to a clear schedule of works, with the regularly scheduled toilet inspections throughout the event.

Had this not been in place, this would have resulted in a poor customer experience, and the floor becoming covered with hand towels.

"Thank you so much for coming in this weekend. The cleaning was fantastic."

Event Organiser regarding the work of Green Fox Cleaning at this event.

Customised Cleaning Solutions for Every Event

We appreciate that every event will have a unique cleaning requirement, and as such must be treated on its own merit and requirements - one size will not fit all. We provide personalised cleaning schedules and solutions designed to meet specific needs and preferences of each event where we deliver event cleaning services Cheshire, or anywhere else across the country.

Trustworthy and Highly Vetted Cleaning Staff

Green Fox Cleaning employ trustworthy, highly vetted and directly employed cleaning professionals for our event cleaning services Cheshire and across the country, to give our clients the peace of mind that your visitors are safe - whatever their age or personal situation. Our staff undergo rigorous background checks and comprehensive training to ensure the highest level of professionalism, reliability, and security at our event cleaning services Cheshire or anywhere else across the country.

In Summary - event cleaning services Cheshire and country wide

When it comes to event cleaning services Cheshire or anywhere else in the country, we are the premier choice. Our commitment to eco-friendly equipment and cleaning practices, exceptional service quality and customer service, customised solutions for your event, highly trained staff, and cost-effective pricing make us the optimal partner for ensuring your event is remembered for all the right reasons, and that visitors return to your event year after year.

Click here to contact your local Green Fox Cleaning office to learn how we can help deliver excellent cleaning services Cheshire, or anywhere else in the country.

We operate a GPS system that is monitored round the clock by an on-call manager. In the event a member of staff doesn't clock in to work at your event when expected, this is investigated at the time, to ensure you get the full cleaning service you are paying for at your event cleaning services, day after day. It also allows us to ensure our staff leave safely at the end of their shift when clocking out.

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