Film and TV set cleaning - great tips to help you make the number 1 choice!

Film and TV set cleaning - a serious business

As a studio or production company, you’ll know that a film or television set is where a lot of different elements come together: props, makeup, wardrobe, visual effects, and catering, to name a few. Film and TV set cleaning needs knowledge of the sector, and skill to meet the high expectations of production companies.

As you would expect, when large numbers of of actors and crew members are gathered in one place, keeping everything safe and clean can be a real challenge.

In a time where shooting can last from early morning until late at night, and production needs to stay on schedule, no one seems to have the time, energy or often skill and correct products to clean the set.

With recording times scheduled down to the minute, delays as a result of slow cleaning or incomplete cleaning is simply not an option and selecting the right cleaning company requires careful consideration.

Film and TV set cleaning
Film and TV set cleaning

COVID-19 and the impact on productions

Since COVID and the extra challenges, processes and compliances this has introduced, it is essential more than even to select the right company for your film production cleaning requirements.

As part of our service at Green Fox Cleaning, we will identify frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, desks, water coolers etc and ensure these are fully sanitised throughout the day, to keep everyone involved in the production safe.

We have worked with various production companies and provided both daily cleaning sanitisation services, as well as deeper cleans before and after filming as required, with every schedule bespoke to the clients individual needs.

How Green Fox Cleaning serve the film and TV production sector

Imagine that your characters are a wealthy family, but there are dirty floors and wall stains in the background. Or a couple having a romantic moment on a beach littered with rubbish.What about confetti dropping from the ceiling during a scene or a messy murder scene? At the end of a take you’ll need all that cleaned up. Working strictly on- schedule, our experienced cleaning teams will ensure that surfaces and floors are spotless and free from litter so that the set is ready for the first or next take.

Whether you’re filming in a stately mansion, a studio, or a white-sandy beach, a clean environment really adds to the overall look and feel of a scene. The selection of the right film and TV set cleaning company is therefore essential.

How we work behind the scenes

When the cameras stop rolling, our crew will spring into life and put your set back in tip-top shape, ready for the next take or scene as needed.

This includes quick on-the-spot cleaning during scene changes, as well as deeper cleaning after filing has finished for the day.

At Green Fox Cleaning, our goal is to create a safe and healthy environment for your cast and crew, while helping to ensure your film set is a well-oiled machine.

Our experience with film and TV production set cleaning

Our work with the BBC1 hit show The Repair Shop bought us praise from all involved, including the set manager and production manager. You can learn more about our work in the film production cleaning sector and television filming sector by clicking here. In summary, we had dedicated teams on site for ten hours of filming every day, plus deep cleans every night by other teams.

"I would like to pass on a huge thanks from me and the entire Repair Shop team for all your hard work keeping us clean and safe!"

Production Manager - Ricochet. A Warner Bros Company.
Film and TV set cleaning

Why choose Green Fox Cleaning for your set cleaning requirements?

  • We have specialist equipment including electrostatic cleaning guns, to fully disinfect sets fully every clean as needed. Click here to learn more about this technology.
  • Our cleaners are trained by in our-house British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) accredited training teams. This assures you they have the required skill and knowledge to work safely, effectively and efficiently.

Film and TV set cleaning with Green Fox Cleaning will allow you to focus on your production, and not the cleaning. Learn more about our work in this sector by clicking here.

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