Fully vetted commercial cleaners - great tips when employing a contract cleaning company to make the number 1 choice!

Fully vetted commercial cleaners

Fully vetted commercial cleaners are important for businesses looking to outsource their cleaning to a company.

Whether a school where safeguarding is essential, offices where sensitive data is held, manufacturing premises relating to both local and national security or any other sector, only the highest levels of cleaner vetting should be accepted.

We have all seen horror stories of cleaners stealing from their employers homes and businesses, and would like to think this would never happen to us. But how do we prevent this happening, and keep ourselves and our businesses safe.

Why it is important to select fully vetted commercial cleaners for your premises

The days of finding a cleaner from a shop window, or accepting a telephone number on the back of a cigarette packet are long gone for most businesses.

Total trust is required on those working at your premises, often unsupervised and trusted with keys and alarm codes.

Finding a commercial cleaning company and understanding their levels of cleaning vetting and selection can be a nightmare - who to trust and where to start?

What are the risks of having cleaners that are not fully vetted?

The most obvious risk that springs to mind is that of theft. Imagine having a cleaner steal something, and you haven't vetted them fully. Have you recorded photographic ID details? Do you have evidence confirming their home address or will them simply vanish off the face of the earth?

Other risks include the cleaner being exploited - "cash in hand" companies will exploit those in dire need of work who are paid below the minimum wage and not supported with regard to their welfare, and have no employment rights.

Best way to find fully vetted commercial cleaners for your premises

With so many commercial cleaning companies out there, it can appear impossible to identify one that will offer the levels of vetting that you require.

At Green Fox Cleaning, our founding directors are former Police Officers with over 30 years combined service. This assures our clients that our levels of cleaner vetting and client security are second to none.

Fully vetted commercial cleaners
Fully vetted commercial cleaners

You can be assured that every Green Fox Cleaner:

  • Is directly employed by us - we never outsource our cleaning.
  • Is subject to a thorough interview
  • Is fully referenced
  • Provides numerous forms of identification for verification
  • Is fully background checked
  • Plus much more

To find out how our fully vetted cleaners can help keep your business clean and safe, get in touch today at this link.

Fully vetted commercial cleaners
Fully vetted commercial cleaners from Green Fox Cleaning