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Protective door handles - how do they work?

Green Fox Cleaning protective film door handle covers utilise the latest technology and is specifically designed with an antimicrobial coating, to keep staff and visitors alike safe at all premises. Once applied, they will last a whole year before they need to be replaced, offering ongoing daily protection.

The Green Fox Protective Film door handle covers anti-microbial covering can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces as long as they are clean, dry, smooth, non-porous and free from oil, grease, wax or other contaminant.

In terms of handles, the Green Fox Protective film door handle covers are compatible with traditional door handles, as well as push plates and handrails.

Green Fox Protective film door handle covers
Green Fox Protective film door handle covers

Example images of Green Fox Protective film door handle covers.

Green Fox protective film door handle covers

Our protective films are available in the following pack options:


The Green Fox Protective film door handle covers can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces as long as they are clean, dry, smooth, non-porous and free from oil, grease, wax or other contaminant.

Always assume that every surface is dirty and needs to be cleaned before application. It is recommended to wear nitrile or vinyl gloves whilst applying the Green Fox Protective film door handle covers.

For standard door handles with a diameter of up to 22mm then use the 70mm x 160mm size.

You may want to reduce the length depending on the design of the handle. This is best done with a pair of scissors before removing the backing. Once it has been cut to size remove the backing completely and carefully apply the film along the length of the handle starting on the underside.

Continue to apply the film working round the handle and moving your hand from left to right to ensuring adhesion along the whole length. Finish the application with a small overlap onto the other end of the film. You may also want to remove any excess overlap with a sharp craft knife.

How to fit the Green Fox protective film cover

For larger handles, balustrading and handrails you can calculate the approximate circumference of the tube (and the width of the film you will need) by multiplying the diameter or width of the tube by 3.2.

E.g. if you have a handrail that is 50mm diameter then 50 x 3.2 = 160 so our 160mm x 1370 size would probably be a good option.

For small flat surfaces like push plates or ipads or coffee machine touch screens then you need to again make sure the surface is clean and dry. Start at one end and peel back around 7 - 10cm of the backing and work down, gradually removing the backing as you go.

You may find it useful to invest in a small felt-covered squeegee. For a touch screen it is best to cut the film slightly over-sized and trim it to size with a sharp craft knife after it has been applied.


•  Under normal usage conditions, harmless when in contact with human skin (skin compatibility study carried out under dermatological control). It has no allergenic or irritant potential.

• Active compound: silver ions,< 0.3 % w/w of the entire product.

• Antimicrobial activity maintained after 365 cleanings with water, alcohol, chlorine bleach and Aniosurf® (respect the dilution recommended by the manufacturer).

• The film can be cleaned/disinfected by all conventional cleaning methods, using non­-abrasive accessories, cleaning products, detergents or products currently used in healthcare environments.

• Only apply the film to areas that will not be in direct contact with unpackaged food.

• Suitable for application to regular or irregular surfaces.

• Recommended minimum application temperature: +10 °C (+50 °F).

• Operating temperature range: from -40 °C to +90 °C (-40 °F to +194 °F).

• In the case of an already painted substrate, self-adhesive media must only be applied to undamaged original paintwork. If the paintwork is not original and/or damaged, the appli­cation and the removal are at the judgement and risk of the installer.

The below table gives guidance of the price of the units. Please note that this is on a supply-only basis, and you would need to apply them following the simple application process as detailed above.



To find out more about our protective film handles, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at this link, or by calling 0333 050 1130.

Learn about the origin of door handles here.

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