Unveiling the true price: The hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service - 5 risk areas

In the business world, cutting costs is a priority for many businesses and organisations. While this approach can lead to increased profits, it's essential to evaluate the long-term implications of opting for the cheapest services available.

Commercial cleaning is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and productive work environment - be it an office, school, showroom or anything else. In this blog, we will explore the hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service.

Imagine you get two quotes for the daily cleaning of your premises. Let's imagine for simplicity that Company A quotes £1,000 per month, and Company B quotes £900 per month.

It's tempting to go for company B based on price alone isn't it - but is £900 per month (or £10,800 per annum) all this cheaper option will cost you?

hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service

Substandard cleaning standards from poor quality equipment:

One of the most apparent drawbacks of choosing a cheap commercial cleaning service is the compromise on cleaning standards. Commercial cleaning companies offering low prices often cut corners by using inferior cleaning products, employing undertrained staff, or rushing through tasks. Subpar cleaning can result in a less hygienic workplace, leading to increased sick days among employees and decreased overall productivity. Increased sick days are a great example of the hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service.

Increased risk of health issues

Poor cleaning practices can contribute to the spread of germs and allergens in the workplace. Cheap cleaning services may not invest in quality disinfectants or follow proper protocols, putting your employees at risk of various health issues. A rise in absenteeism due to illnesses can impact your business operations and employee morale, offsetting the initial cost savings - another of the hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service.

Shortened Equipment Lifespan

Commercial cleaning involves the use of specialised equipment such as commercial grade vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, and floor scrubbing and polishing machinery. Cheap cleaning services may use outdated or poorly maintained equipment, leading to reduced efficiency and potentially damaging your office assets. Regular wear and tear on office furniture and flooring can result in higher replacement costs in the long run - consider the cost of replacing the carpets or hard flooring at your workplace sooner than anticipated.

Unreliable Service - more hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service

Many low-cost cleaning services may not prioritise consistency or reliability. A lack of commitment to scheduled cleaning session can disrupt your business operations, causing inconvenience to both employees and clients. Inconsistent cleaning schedules can lead to the accumulation of dirt and grime, making it harder to maintain a professional and welcoming workspace. Imagine opening your office or school and discovering the cleaners simply haven't turned up, and your staff having to clean the classrooms or office toilet blocks - the cost of your staff to do that wasn't in the original plan, was it?

If this happens, the chances are you will complain to the cleaning company. You will take photos and email them over and wait for a reply, which might not come. Then you'll have the phone the company to complain but as cheap commercial cleaning companies operate cheaply by having limited management support, don't expect a quick reply. Another of the key hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service - your time!

Potential reputational damage

Most of us have visited a restaurant, a school or office where it is clearly dirty. Cobwebs, dust, overflowing bins - the list goes on. Off-putting isn't it?

Imagine if that was the service you were paying for - was actually costing you money with lost customer loyalty!

That is a significant risk and one of the big hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning services.

Hidden Fees and Add-ons:

Some budget-friendly commercial cleaning services lure clients in with seemingly low prices, but later add hidden fees or extra charges for essential services. We hear stories of Before committing to a cheap cleaning service, it's crucial to thoroughly review their pricing structure and contractual terms to avoid unexpected expenses that could strain your budget. Additional cleaning fees over the headline price can actually be of the larger hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service.

hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service


While it's tempting to opt for a cheap commercial cleaning service to save money upfront, the hidden costs associated with such choices can have detrimental effects on your business in the long term. Investing in a reputable and reliable cleaning service may seem more expensive initially, but the benefits of a clean and healthy work environment far outweigh the potential drawbacks of cutting corners. Prioritise the well-being of your employees and the longevity of your business by making informed decisions when it comes to commercial cleaning services, and be aware of the potential hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service when making your choice.

Lets image that in this example that Company A was actually Green Fox Cleaning. Would these service benefits make you feel it was worth paying an extra £100 per month in this example?

  • A LOCAL office running your contract, with a local dedicated manager.
  • Monthly management led audits.
  • 24-hour client support line.
  • Proactive contract management, not simply reactive.
  • Advanced GPS shift attendance system, to ensure you never miss a clean.
  • Staff trained by nationally accredited trainers.
  • Fairly paid staff, always paid above the minimum wage.
  • Latest cleaning technologies and equipment.
  • Eco conscious service delivery.
  • All for the price we quote at the time.

So of course you need to see what Company B was offering in comparison, but we bet it wouldn't be half of this!

Click here to find your local Green Fox office and start your journey with a reliable commercial cleaning company and avoid those hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service.

local commercial cleaning company

Hidden costs of a cheap commercial cleaning service.