How to stop office chairs damage laminate floors

How to stop office chairs damage laminate floors

Laminate flooring is more and more common in workplaces in a wide variety of sectors now.

The purpose of this short blog is to share with you how to stop office chairs damaging laminate floors, and keep your flooring looking great and free of damage.

A big cause of damage to laminate flooring in the workplace environment is that of office chair wheels moving across them. Whether the wheel becomes slightly damaged and drags its rough edge over your flooring or it a piece of sharp debris gets lodged under the wheel, these are both quick ways to ruin the appearance of your flooring.

There are two options available to you when it comes to how best stop office chairs damage laminate floors.

Option one - replace the office chair wheels for specialist chair casters for chairs used on laminate flooring

Quite often it is the wheels supplied with the office chairs that cause the damage, as they aren't really suitable for use on laminate floors. One option open to you is to replace them with more specialist wheels suitable for use on laminate floors.

One great thing about these wheels is that they were made and designed for sensitive floors such as laminate flooring. They are made from rubber rather than plastic, which means they won’t leave any marks on your expensive floors the way that plastic wheels can.

In addition to this they glide nicely over laminate floor - they don’t make any sound or noise when moving the chair while working unlike standard plastic wheels.

What are the other benefits of these specialist caster wheels?

  • These castors swivel and turn perfectly if you pick a good quality one.
  • These wheels are a similar price as office mats which are the second option and detailed further on in this blog.
  • You can't normally tell that they are not originally part of the chair.

The best example of these wheels we have found can be viewed by clicking here - please note we are not affiliated in any way with this product - it is based on the massive number of positive reviews and price balance. Please note that these ones are not compatible with IKEA chairs, and you would need to check suitability before making a decision.

This is a simple solution to stop office chairs damage laminate floors by changing the wheels. There is another option to stop the problem where office chairs damage laminate floors, detailed below.

Option two - place office mats under the desk area the chairs are

The second option to stop office chairs damage laminate floors is to invest in mats to be placed on the floor. These are normally clear plastic mats which stop the wheels damaging the floor.

There are different styles available - some will have no slip grips underneath to prevent sliding. These are normally more expensive than those without, but well worth paying for in our opinion if choosing this option to stop office chairs damage laminate floors.

Which option you choose to stop office chairs damage laminate floors will largely be a personal preference. If it was us, the office wheels are a more elegant solution without the need for mats everywhere, but both will solve the problem for you.

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