Office cleaning – more important than ever!

COVID-19 Update

Green Fox are able to provide an emergency response for coronavirus deep cleans using the latest technology and chemicals via our 24-hour client support line.

In these unprecedented times, many offices are closed with staff home working, whist some proving essential services continue to operate.

A clean, sterile office is essential more than ever now, with professional cleaning services no longer to be considered a luxury. The frequency of cleaning should also be reviewed – is one visit per week really enough to keep your staff safe?

Many premises will require an initial deep clean before staff move back in, followed by reliable, regular cleaning services. 

The selection of the correct cleaning products to clean your office is also a careful consideration – do you know the difference between antibacterial and antiviral cleaners, and sanitisers? Where do you begin when it comes to selecting the most suitable cleaning products for your work environment?

What about your hard floors? Do you keep a smelly, germ contained mop head in the cleaning cupboard or do you have measures in place to minimise cross contamination and the spread of germs? Does your current contractor even understand and follow nationally recognised industry colour coding measures to prevent cross contamination? If you don’t have a mixture of the below coloured buckets on site, it’s highly unlikely they do.

A safe and clean working environment is the very least that your staff and visitors should expect. Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Increased morale
  • Reduced sickness levels
  • Increased productivity

There are of course many more benefits to using a professional cleaning service. But how do you know where to begin looking for a contract cleaning company if you don’t have one, or simply aren’t satisfied with your current provider?

Should I select a service based on the best price, or best value?

“Price is what you pay, and value is what you get”

When reviewing office cleaning quotes, it is essential that you assess the value of the quote, and not just the price. At Green Fox we include the following as standard as part of our office cleaning service, do your other quotes?

  • 24-hour client support line
  • Eco-friendly, highly effective cleaning products
  • The latest cleaning machinery for regular cleaning, and virus outbreaks
  • Dedicated site specific cleaning operatives, trained to the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) standard
  • Advanced GPS employee tracking monitored round the clock by our management time – never miss a clean!
  • Fairly paid, directly employed, uniformed employees – we pay a fair wage, never the minimum wage

We offer many, many more benefits than just the above. We are highlighting the importance of value over price – why have a cheaper service that you continually have to complain about when you can have a great service that runs almost invisibly in the background, allowing you to focus on growing your business in these challenging times.

What if I like my cleaner, but my company aren’t delivering the level of service that I expect?

It is sometimes the case that businesses are happy with their cleaner, but not happy with the support (or lack of support!) provided to their cleaner and themselves by the company. There is a legal process where we can easily transfer these staff to our management, and improve the support they received, in terms raising standards. We are experienced at this process and have many case studies of where productivity and results have improved when staff have transferred to us.

Is my office too big / too small for you?

At Green Fox, our client base varies from clients having one cleaning operative per visit to clean their office, to large teams of operatives and supervisors attending office blocks every night.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help provide top quality office support to your premises, please call 0333 050 1139 or request a callback on our website to find out more.

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