6 Great Office cleaning tips

The purpose of this article is to give you some great office cleaning tips.

Keeping your office clean should never be a hassle. It doesn’t matter whether you clean daily, weekly or monthly, or you outsource your cleaning to a local commercial cleaning company. Your working space should always be kept clean and safe for everyone.

By adapting the following simple changes, it should make the cleaning of your office a much ore straightforward and efficient process for all involved.

Best office cleaning tips

Keep your paperwork organised, and your desk free of clutter

It sounds obvious, but the more items on a desk, the longer and harder it is to clean. Try and neatly pile paperwork where possible prior to cleaning, and minimise other items on your desk. This will also reduce the risk of bacteria or viruses hanging around on surfaces or objects that may not be cleaned as thoroughly as they perhaps should be, such as pen pots.

Clean desks reduce the risk of bacteria and other germs
Clean desks reduce the risk of bacteria and other germs

Work methodically, and high to low

Vacuuming and mopping floors should be the last part of any office clean. Whilst it may seem a great idea to do it quickly at the start to get it out of the way, any dust or items dislodged will fall to the floor, meaning you will have to repeat the process and spend longer cleaning.

Start with your high dusting, then shelves, ledges and desks, and floors last of all.

Take the rubbish out on a regular basis

Bins should be emptied on a regular basis to prevent the risk of bad smells, and should be cleaned inside and out on a regular basis to remove any spills and keep them as clean as possible. Use centralised bin systems where possible to reduce bin bag wastage and overall time on this task.

Empty rubbish bins frequently
Empty rubbish bins frequently

Use good cleaning products

If you don't use an office cleaning company, you may well not know what the best cleaning products to clean your office are. Learn more about selecting the best cleaning products to clean your office at this link.

Don't forget the other areas!

Having a clean office is great, but make sure you don't forget other areas such as toilets, kitchens and reception areas which are equally as important. Your whole venue needs to look great and be clean to keep everyone safe, and give a positive impression to visitors.

Don't forget - a cleaner workplace WILL result in fewer work days lost through sickness.

Office cleaning tips
Office cleaning tips

The best of all office cleaning tips is below!

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