Why is it important to keep office equipment clean and hygienic?

The importance of keeping office equipment clean

More than ever, the need to keep office equipment clean should be at the forefront of our minds.

With the spread of bacteria, viruses and the prevalence of coronavirus, we must all take personal responsibility to keep office equipment to protect both ourselves and others around us.

Common objects in an office environment are hotspots for germs and microorganisms to grow on. Having a daily cleaning and disinfecting routine can greatly diminish the risk of illness spreading throughout the office.

Office equipment clean

Ten top office equipment items to clean

The list could go on and on, but these are the ten office equipment items that we feel you need to ensure are cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Office desks - you spend most of your day at one, so you want it looking clean, and being hygenic. Clean your office desk daily to keep yourself as safe as possible.
  • Computer and keyboard - you touch this all day, every day. Sanitise is regularly, and complete a visual inspection of all cables when doing so to ensure there is no fraying.
  • Telephones - much like your keyboard, these are a high risk area for harbouring germs. Sanitise these regularly throughout the day if used by multiple employees.
  • Photocopiers - Again, touched by many people and require regular cleaning and sanitisation to keep looking great and working well.
  • Staplers - Easily forgotten, but the hard surface will harbour germs if not regularly sanitised.
  • Office chairs - Ensure you clean office chairs on a regular basis, especially those used by multiple people.
  • Water dispensers - Ensure you sanitise the tap button on a regular basis, as they will be touched by numerous people throughout the day.
  • Kitchen appliances - Kettles, microwaves and most kitchen appliances are touched by multiple employees throughout the door. Ensure these are cleaned and sanitised daily, and visually check cables for any fraying.
  • Office mugs - can be amongst the worst offenders. Personalised mugs can help reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Door handles and light switches - Can harbour any number of germs. They should be sanitised at least daily, and ideally throughout the day.

Four great benefits of keeping office equipment clean

Extend the lifespan of equipment

It's obvious when you think about it, but office equipment that is well looked after will last longer than equipment that is neglected. A regular office equipment clean schedule will save your company money in the long run, reducing the need to replace expensive equipment so frequently.

Regular cleaning of office equipment also means it will be looked at closely more often, meaning any minor defects can be spotted early, preventing it to worsen over a period of time.

Reduced workplace sickness

Not only will employees remain healthy and happy if their equipment is clean and obviously cared for, there will also not be a loss of productivity in the business caused by many employee sick days, resulting in a more productive office. There will also be cost saving associated with a reduction of the number of sick days within your company throughout the year.

office equipment clean
Keep office equipment clean to reduce sickness

Give a better impression to visitors as well

Most of us have visited an office where computers look dirty, discolored and generally neglected. This image can make us think that the company have a similar attitude in all aspects of their business, even if this isn't the case. When an office equipment clean schedule is implemented, it will make your workplace more aesthetically pleasing to all.

Compliance with health and safety legislation

Health and safety laws are in place within the working environment to keep everyone safe and healthy. The health and safety executive (HSE) provide clear guidance on expectations with regard to safeguarding measures that office should undertake.

So, how do you keep office equipment clean?

Well there are plenty of ways to make sure your office equipment is kept clean. The most obvious thing to do is to hire a good commercial cleaning company, and if your budget allows then this is definitely recommended.

Also, don’t forget to consider other areas of the office on top of your office equipment clean and office area. Your desk and computer might be gleaming, but if the kitchen or washrooms are still dirty and full of germs, you still have an increased risk of staff absence.

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