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Opticians cleaning services - how to make the number 1 choice and select a good cleaning company

Opticians cleaning services are one sector where you need to consider carefully when selecting the commercial cleaning company you will put your trust in.

Mirrors everywhere, glass display cabinets and hard floors look great when clean, but when dusty or smeary will look awful, resulting in a negative experience for your customers when visiting your premises.

With various opticians including national giant Boots opticians putting their trust in us, read more in this article about why Green Fox Cleaning are the right choice in this sector.

Opticians cleaning services
Opticians cleaning services

Selection of the correction cleaning equipment

A good commercial cleaning company will know the best cleaning equipment when providing opticians cleaning services. The correct chemicals will ensure all shiny surfaces are left smear free, and giving the wow factor to your customers. A company without this knowledge could use products that will leave your surfaces smeary, sticky and not portraying the professional image required in this highly competitive sector.

Using too much floor cleaning product could leave your first sticky, and result in dirt and dust sticking to them.

At Green Fox Cleaning, our staff are trained to a nationally recognised standard by our British Institute of Cleaning Science in-house trainers - right from how to correctly fold a cloth to clean efficiently, through to the more technical aspects of cleaning.

The risk of missing a clean

There are few worse scenarios than coming in to work, only to find your cleaning company haven't turned up, and you have a dirty premises due to open to the public shortly. With Green Fox Cleaning, we operate a live GPS system that is is monitored 24/7 by an on-call manager.

In the event of a cleaner failing to clock in as expected, the manager will immediately investigate. In the event the cleaner has failed to attend for any unexpected reason, the manager will deploy one of our mobile support team, so we can guarantee you will never miss a clean with us!

Selecting a company experienced in opticians cleaning services

Such is our reputation in the opticians cleaning sector, we are trusted by both independent opticians, and also provide regular cleaning services at branches of national giant Boots opticians.

optician cleaning services
Boots opticians trust Green Fox Cleaning

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