Do contract cleaners use pet safe products in veterinary practices? The number 1 consideration in this sector

Do contract cleaners use pet safe products in contract cleaning?

The question of whether contract cleaners use pet safe products in veterinary practices is a very important one, and needs careful consideration by any practice that are considering the outsourcing of their contract cleaning requirements when considering a contract cleaning company.

Veterinary physicians inherently love animals and will normally do everything they can to give them the best possible treatment give them the care they need they are ill. The last thing a vet wants to do is to hurt animals in any way, yet without even knowing it, the health of the animals being treated can be adversely affected by the premises if it is not properly cleaned. Pet safe products are essential in this setting for obvious reasons.

Pet safe products
Pet safe products in contract cleaning are essential

It’s extremely important that vets pay attention to details and have their office professionally cleaned regularly. A single mistake can turn into a massive problem, affecting all the animals that go to the clinic – the ill ones, the ones who are just going for a shot, and the animals that are just recovering. A veterinary practice is a medical facility and as with most other medical facilities, there is a high risk of contamination.

Like many other sectors, more and more veterinary practices are deciding to outsource their daily premises cleaning, to remove the added stress of managing their cleaners, and the issues in the event of staff absence, or performance issues. The question of pet safe products and contract cleaning is therefore one that must be fully understood, to make an informed decision.

Areas should be risk assessed to determine the frequency with which they or elements within them are cleaned. The risk is the degree of infection risk to animals, clients and staff from inadequate cleaning.

Selection of best equipment and pet safe products

The selection of the best equipment and pet safe products to not only complete the clean to the highest standard, but to also keep humans and animals alike safe is essential. Many companies will not necessarily have the knowledge of the most safe and suitable products in this sector.

Some companies will not fully understand the need for a colour coding system to prevent cross contamination, and will use a dirty mop day after day, spreading germs rather than removing them.

Our selection of pet safe cleaning products is second nature when it comes to cleaning of veterinary practices. Our selection will tackle animal viruses and bacteria, maximising the safety for all visitors at our clients premises. They are tested and proven to be effective in protecting all animals, including more regular pets such as cats and dogs, as well as reptiles and less frequent visitors to the vets.

In response to the question of do contract cleaners use pet safe products in veterinary practices - at Green Fox Cleaning, our careful product selection can used for all reception areas, surfaces and equipment in veterinary surgeries and for all disinfection applications in kennels, catteries and other animal habitats.

It should therefore not come as a surprise that national group Vet Partners engage our services on a daily basis at a number of their practices across the country.

We also provide daily cleaning services to local veterinary groups, with site dedicated cleaning operatives.

The reality is that when asking the question "Do contract cleaners use pet safe products in veterinary practices?" - not all companies will have the skill and knowledge in this field. That's why selecting a good commercial cleaning company for your practice is essential.

As the below image shows, at Green Fox Cleaning we have access to, and invest in the latest cleaning technologies.

Green Fox Cleaning operative cleaning veterinary practice with latest technology

At Green Fox Cleaning , our high level of service is offered in all sectors, and veterinary practices are no exception. A number of benefits include:

  • A 24-hour client support line, meaning we are always there for you
  • Highly trained, fairly paid cleaning operatives
  • Same cleaning operatives attending every visit, ensure personal pride is taken
  • GPS tracked staff, monitored round the clock - NEVER miss a clean
  • LOCAL support, with quick response by local staff

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We are well established in this sector and work with nationally recognised veterinary groups, including Vet Partners.

Good value commercial cleaning company
Good value commercial cleaning company