Process for changing cleaning provider - 2 key things to consider and great advice that could save you £000's!

Process for changing cleaning provider - things to consider, and how to change cleaning company

The first thing to ask yourself before checking the process for changing cleaning provider is:

Key consideration: WHY do I want to change my cleaning company?

It may sound obvious, but before worrying about the process for changing your cleaning provider what is making you want to change cleaning company? It is important that you fully understand this, to prevent the same issues that you have been experiencing before.

A very important thing to consider - TUPE

TUPE is the abbreviation for the Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment regulations. This piece of legislation was created to protect employees terms and conditions upon any change of service provision. It is particularity prevalent in the cleaning services sector, and failures to comply with TUPE legislation can result in fines for both your company and the cleaning companies involved of circa £10,000 per employee!

You can learn a lot more about TUPE and cleaning providers in a previous more detailed blog written specifically on the subject by us by clicking here which will open this in a new window, and find official government advice about this legislation by clicking here.

More often than not, companies are reluctant to change company to end up with the same cleaners, who invariably they weren't happy with.

In most cases, we have found that the poor quality is a consequence of a poor management and supervision, with little or no training. This alone can prevent cleaners feeling valued and wanting to take pride in their work. If the cleaners are left with no guidance, no supervision and reviews they might not realise their work is under the expected standards.

Two examples of Green Fox Cleaning successful TUPE transfers.

Brasserie Blanc restaurant, West Sussex

  1.  - We took on this contract in 2016 from another contract cleaning company. The venue reported they never saw a manager, and cleaning standards were poor. We re-trained the staff, paid them a fair wage (they were on the minimum wage) and this was the feedback from the general manager just one month later:

"Hi guys. I cannot believe the transformation with our cleaners since you have started - I would never have believed they were the same cleaners!"

GENERAL MANAGER - Brasserie Blanc, West Sussex

Emsworth doctor surgery group, Hampshire

We took this contract on in early 2020. There were two cleaners in place who were very good at their job, but demotivated by their previous employer due to again being on minimum wage, and never getting cleaning products they needed to complete their role properly. Below is feedback from the practice group manager:

"Can I just say a big thank you, it is such a relief to have an efficient company looking after our cleaning needs and I know Tracy and Charlie are much happier working for you now. The proof is how little we have to communicate with you!"

PRACTICE MANAGER - Doctors surgery Group, Hampshire

Common reasons companies look to change their cleaning company

It is highly likely that you are exploring the process for changing cleaning provider based on one of the following common problems, unless this is due to a routine tender process.

Poor cleaning standards

Most companies will begin to research the process for changing cleaning provider due to receiving poor cleaning standards. There can be a number of reasons for this. It is true that like most things in life, everyone can't be good at everything. Some people will simply never be able to clean well.

Good training and employee supervision should be able to prevent this issue. Staff need to feel valued, and people that are trained to clean properly will take more pride in their work, and feel more valued.

Another cause for poor cleaning standards can be a company trying to cut corners, and placing cheap, sub-standard cleaning equipment and chemicals on site which aren't fit for purpose.

At Green Fox Cleaning, our cleaners are trained to a nationally recognised standard by our British Institute of Cleaning Science accredited in-house training team.

Process to change cleaning provider
Process to change cleaning provider

Time being skipped / not getting what you pay for / cleaner not even turning up

Another common reason we hear of people researching the process for changing cleaning provider is because they have found out that their cleaners have been skipping time.

They have either found out through alarm systems, CCTV or in some cases, the cleaner blatantly leaving early when staff are on premises.

This can be infuriating to say the least, especially when you come in to work the next morning to find the cleaner hasn't even turned up and you have a dirty premises.

At Green Fox Cleaning, we run an advanced and live time GPS system monitored round the clock by an on-call manager. This will alert to any sites where a cleaner doesn't clock in or out as expected, or if the full clean length is not completed. A live time investigation is made, ensuring any such issues do not arise.

Current cleaning provider is slow to respond to you

If there is one thing more frustrating than receiving a poor service, it is trying to complain about the service, only to be ignored or not hear back for days on end. We have all experienced this with large companies for sure.

With our focus at Green Fox Cleaning being that of providing a local commercial cleaning service, we respond to all client contact live time, with a dedicated office support team. Can we guarantee there will never be an issue? Of course not. Can be guarantee if there was an issue that we will respond to it promptly and effectively? Absolutely!

Cost of cleaning service increasing

Perhaps slightly less common but still in the top three reasons for people researching the process for changing cleaning provider the process for changing cleaning provider is because their cleaning service cost has increased, or they are simply exploring their options. If this is the sole reason, we would always recommend careful consideration before making any changes. There are plenty of cheap cleaning companies out there, but they are cheap for a reason. Having said that, any increases should be reasonable and in keeping with other factors such as increases to the national minimum wage and national living wage.

A good commercial cleaning company is unlikely to be the cheapest, but should offer a great value service. Things such as staff training, 24-hour client support and good cleaning equipment all cost money. If a company seems super cheap - they are almost certainly cheap for a reason.

If you make a rash jump to a cheap cleaning company, it is likely that as soon as the contract ends, you will be refreshing your memory on the correct the process for changing cleaning provider and starting the process again. Learn more about the balance of price versus value by clicking here.

Current cleaning provider closing down

Sadly we are seeing more and more commercial cleaning companies closing down in these challenging times of coronavirus and the knock on effect being experienced by many companies.

If this is the case and there were cleaners in situ, be aware that TUPE as detailed above will still be applicable.

Final thoughts on the process for changing cleaning provider

We hope that this article has given you a better understanding in relation to the process for changing cleaning provider. The process doesn't have to be daunting, but just needs careful consideration surrounding the reasons why you making the decision.

While there are many cleaning companies getting it wrong and racking up far too many mistakes, there are companies getting it right, day after day.

To find out how Green Fox Cleaning can assist improving the appearance of your premises, please click here to get in touch and request a free, no obligation quote.

You can read a previous blog of ours about key questions to ask a potential new cleaning company also by clicking here.