How to select the best restaurant cleaning company for your venue - 4 key considerations.

Selecting the right restaurant cleaning company for your venue

Cleaning services are important and need to be completed to the highest possible standard after every single clean. The hospitality sector is one in particular where selecting the best possible restaurant cleaning company is crucial to keeping your customers coming back time after time.

I'm sure you have been to a restaurant at some point where you have noticed that cleaning standards aren't as they should be - whether it is cobwebs on the lights above your table, or a build up of grime in the toilets.

The simple fact is that if a customer attends your restaurant and the cleaning standards aren't spot on, they are highly unlikely to return. There are of course other risks to your business, not least a negative review on Tripadvisor or other negative publicity. It is therefore critical that when it comes to making the selection of which restaurant cleaning company you decide to engage for your venue, that they have the skill, knowledge and processes to keep your venue looking A1, with a highly reliable service.

At Green Fox Cleaning we are highly experienced in the restaurant cleaning sector. We provide daily cleaning services to independent venues, as well as nationally recognised groups including Brasserie Blanc and Thaikhun.

Key considerations when selecting a restaurant cleaning company

The cleaning window

One important thing to remember is that the cleaning window for restaurants is often very limited, often with venues not fully empty until around midnight, and often opening for breakfast again around 8am.

It is therefore not only crucial that the cleaning company you select are able to operate at the times you require, but also that they have rigorous measures in place to ensure you never miss a clean because the cleaner doesn't turn up - imagine your morning staff turning up to open for breakfast service, only to find a dirty venue with customers due to arrive shorty!

At Green Fox Cleaning, we operate an advanced GPS tracking that is monitored 24/7 and livetime by an on-call manager. In the event of a cleaner not clocking in when expected, an alert is send and the matter immediately investigated, whatever in the time. In the event of an issue or no contact, the manager will deploy a supervisor to ensure the clean is completed before your staff arrive.

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Green Fox use advanced attendance GPS systems monitored round the clock

Level of experience in the restaurant cleaning sector

Whatever sector your operate in, you want your cleaning company to be competent and experienced within that sector. Cleaning a restaurant is different to cleaning an office, to cleaning a gym, to cleaning a doctors surgery and so on. Selecting a good commercial cleaning company with experience in the restaurant cleaning sector will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Level of cleaner vetting

When considering your restaurant cleaning company selection and which company to engage, you want to know what level of cleaner vetting each restaurant cleaning company being considered offer. With high value alcohol stock levels and potentially large amounts of cash being on the venue overnight, you need to have total confidence in the cleaners being placed at your restaurant.

At Green Fox Cleaning, our company directors are retired Police officers. You can be sure that our levels of cleaner vetting and client security are second to none.

What if you already have cleaners in place?

If you already have a restaurant cleaning company in place at your venue, it is possible that the staff may have their role protected. This is the same if you currently employ your cleaners directly but are looking to outsource your cleaning. This protection comes under a piece of legislation known as TUPE. You can learn more about this legislation and a real life example where we used this at a Brasserie Blanc restaurant by clicking here.

In summary

We hope you have found this article on restaurant cleaning and how to select the right restaurant cleaning company useful.

At Green Fox Cleaning we are highly experienced in the restaurant cleaning and hospitality sectors. Click here to learn more about our work in this sector.

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