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COVID-19 Update

Green Fox are able to provide an emergency response for coronavirus deep cleans using the latest technology and chemicals via our 24-hour client support line.

Showroom car cleaning is more important than ever since COVID, where numerous safeguards put in place to ensure a safe visit to your local car dealership, and also a safe test drive.

Cleaning of showrooms should be daily and thorough to keep staff and visitors alike safe at all times. Potential customers want to see the venue is clean, and that the cleanliness of a dealership is high on their list of priorities.

Research by ebay motor group found the following five points to be those most important to people looking to purchase a new vehicle.

  1. Free return period offered by the dealership (e.g. 30 days)
  2. Ability to have ‘safe’ test drive
  3. Home delivery
  4. Comprehensive car cleaning to ensure it is completely disinfected
  5. More attractive financing options (e.g. 0% interest for the first 12 months)

It is clear that safety is very much in the forefront of consumers minds. With this in mind, there are a number of straightforward processes that dealers can undertake to make test drives as safe as possible:

  • Take temperatures of potential drivers and ensure they are fit and well
  • Face mask to be worn
  • Customers to sanitise prior to getting into the vehicle
  • Customers to test drive alone where possible
  • A good anti-viral product to be used and applied in a professional and systematic way before and after every test drive on all touch points (door handles, seats, steering wheel, gear stick etc)
Showroom car clean by Green Fox
Showroom car cleaning by Green Fox

At Green Fox, we are experienced at car showroom cleaning. Our highly trained and dedicated cleaning operatives work round the clock, both during opening hours, and early morning / late at night to provide "invisible" cleaning for our clients.

You can learn more about our showroom cleaning by clicking this link:

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