Soda crystals to clean dishwasher - are they a good idea? Free guide!

Soda crystals to clean dishwasher - are they a good idea?

Soda crystals to clean dishwasher - or are there better options? The purpose of this short blog is to help you make the choice between Soda crystals to clean dishwasher, along with other options.

The dishwasher is a firm favourite in most workplaces, as well as at home. It is easy to think that it is in effect a self-cleaning device with it running a cycle to clean other items, but we do need to do some basic cleaning and maintenance to keep it as clean and hygienic as possible. The consideration of using soda crystals to clean dishwasher is a common one, but is this the best option?

Soda crystals to clean dishwasher - how to do it?

Soda crystals can indeed be used to clean your dishwasher easily. To do this, you simply need to add soda crystals to the detergent dispenser on your dishwasher, then run your dishwasher on the hottest wash your dishwasher allows for to give it a right good clean. After this process has been completed, the dishwasher should look and smell like new.

Are there other options apart from soda crystals to clean a dishwasher?

For another option to clean your dishwasher, you can place a glass measuring cup filled with two cups of distilled white vinegar on the top rack and run a normal cycle without detergent or dishes on the hottest setting. This should again result on a top quality clean of your dishwasher. 

Don't forget - wipe the door seals clean!

Food remains that get stuck on your dishwasher door rim can lead to the seals perishing and your dishwasher leaking. The truth is that it isreally easy to prevent this. If you use your dishwasher regularly, a quick weekly wipe of the rim and seals with a damp cloth is all you need to do.

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