Latest Technology used in commercial cleaning by the best Commercial Cleaners in 2021

Technology used in commercial cleaning

The technology used in commercial cleaning moves at a rapid pace as companies seek to improve their cleaning efficiency and service level delivered to clients.

The actual level of technology used at each site will vary depending on the size of the contract to a large degree - for example large automated floor cleaners costing £30,000 each will not be seen at many standard office cleaning sites, but are more likely to feature in large airport setups where huge areas of space require cleaning in the quickest possible time.

Technology used in commercial cleaning
Technology used in commercial cleaning is rapidly moving

Floor cleaning devices

In most commercial cleaning settings, the traditional mop and bucket is still very much a regular site. The balance between cost and efficiency is often hard to beat, but the risk of dirty mop heads being left in cleaning cupboards can be a concern. This is resulting in disposable mop heads being used more often, especially in healthcare cleaning settings.

Scrubber dryer machines for cleaning of hard floor areas have traditionally been large and bulky, taking up a lot of space.

Advances in technology have resulted in machine sizes reducing, and cordless cleaning options being available. These machines allow deeper cleaning of floors, and can reduce cleaning times considerably.

The below image shows a modern floor scrubber dryer being used by a Green Fox Cleaning employee at a veterinary practice that is cleaned on a daily basis by us. Cordless with good run time and quick battery changes allow this machine to run for hours at a time, with one battery used whilst the other charges in the same time.

Technology used in commercial cleaning

GPS tracking systems

A common complaint by clients generally is that their cleaning company staff are skipping time. Technology is now available to track staff, ensuring full cleaning lengths are completed every visit. Technology used in commercial cleaning to ensure agreed times are honoured should be common place with a good commercial cleaning company.

Advanced tracking systems allow a cleaning company to know the exact time their staff got to a client location, how long they spent there and their work performance there.

GPS time tracking involves the use of software and mobile applications specifically built for that purpose.

At Green Fox Cleaning, our bespoke advanced system allows accurate live time monitoring round the clock, live time by an on-call manager.

Green cleaning

Green cleaning is to do with the use of environmentally safe products, techniques, etc, in commercial cleaning. Though it is not completely new in the industry. It is one of the best innovations so far in the industry and continues to develop day by day. Learn more about green cleaning by clicking here.

Electrostatic Sprayers (Surface treatment systems)

Modern commercial cleaning equipment like electrostatic sprayers help in saving time when undertaking a disinfection service in response to viral or other outbreaks. In terms of technology used in commercial cleaning, this is a great advance. You can learn more about electrostatic technology and cleaning by clicking here.

A good commercial cleaning company should only be offering this service if they have full understanding of the correct products to use in the application, and how this treatment works as part of a two step process.

Electrostatic cleaning
Electrostatic cleaning

Use of social media

Social media is more and more prevalent, and being used more by businesses in all sector to promote their services. This is no different in the commercial cleaning sector and is commonly used to promote services. Advances on various social media platforms allow more detailed targeting by businesses.

Social media is also used by some companies to recruit additional staff as well as targeting customers. In terms of technology used in commercial cleaning, social media has a very wide range of uses.

At Green Fox Cleaning, we invest in the best technology used in commercial cleaning to deliver the best possible service to our clients. Click here to learn more about us, and how we can help improve the appearance of your business with ours.