What do commercial cleaning companies charge UK? 5 key factors, and how you can get the best deal!

What do commercial cleaning companies charge UK?

What do commercial cleaning companies charge UK?How long is a piece of string? Ok, so that comment is a little tongue in cheek, but there are many factors that will determine the charges made by a commercial cleaning company in the UK.

What sort of factors affect the cost?

A few of the key factors that will determine what do commercial cleaning companies charge UK? will include the following:

  • Level of service offered - a company offering a 24-hour client support line, GPS tracked staff to ensure a clean is never missed, and who directly employ all their cleaners will charge more companies that don't invest in such customer support levels.
  • Size and frequency of job - A large office having a team of cleaners every night will almost certainly pay less than a smaller office wanting a single visit for a couple of hours once per week.
  • Scope of job - A more complicated premises will probably require a wider range of cleaning products and machinery, and will therefore have higher associated costs.
  • Location - rural locations are likely to command higher charges due to the extra travel needed to reach them. Some parts of the country have higher associated living costs and will therefore be paying their staff a higher hourly rate.
  • Skill of cleaners - good cleaning companies train their cleaning operatives to nationally recognised standards. This ensures they can deliver the best possible clean each and every time. Green Fox Cleaning cleaners are trained by our in-house British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) accredited trainers. The purpose of this training is to raise the standards of education and to build awareness of the cleaning industry through professional standards and accredited training, thereby;
Protecting the cleaning operative and keeping them safe
Providing a clean and safe environment to the client
Preserving assets, and prolonging the life of equipment through proper care and understanding
Promoting sustainability
Producing best practice - cleaning efficiently is a skill in itself
Benefits of trained cleaning operatives
  • Plus many more variables

Price versus value

As the below image shows, you will largely get what you pay for. The left image shows a Green Fox Cleaning employee cleaning a veterinary practice using advanced floor cleaning equipment, and the right shows another company that can do it for a couple of pounds an hour less.

Ok so we may have exaggerated slightly, but you must consider the value of a cleaning service rather than price alone, as the person on the right will take twice as long, and may end up costing most!

What do commercial cleaning companies charge UK?
Consider the value of a service, not just price

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So what should I expect to pay per hour?

What do commercial cleaning companies charge UK? What should you expect to pay, or what do you want to pay? As the above information has explained, services and their associated prices will vary considerably. We wary of companies that are very cheap however, as someone will suffer. Whether that is you as the client, or an "off the books" worker being paid below the minimum wage. At Green Fox Cleaning, we value our employees and will always pay above the minimum wage.

Can you give a ballpark figure?

As a very rough guide, commercial cleaning services will typically range anywhere between £13 - £22 per hour plus VAT dependant on the above factors to include the supply of basic cleaning products and equipment, more if more specialist equipment is required, and less if the client is providing all cleaning products to the company.

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What do commercial cleaning companies charge UK? Hopefully you now feel better informed to make the best decision for your business.