What is included in commercial cleaning?

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"What is included in commercial cleaning?"

We are asked this more often than you could imagine when providing quotes to clients.

The answer?

"Whatever you want" (within reason of course!)

The benefit of engaging Green Fox Cleaning for your commercial cleaning requirements is that every single quote and service is bespoke and tailored to the client to meet their requirements and fit within their budget.

If you consider the number of different sectors that we operate in, it would simply be impossible to have a standardised cleaning schedule.

For example, the needs of an office are very different to those of a gym, to those of a pub.

Standard cleaning duties will often include the following:

  • Vacuuming / mopping of floors
  • Cleaning of toilets and re-stocking soap and toilet roll
  • Cleaning of kitchen areas
  • Sanitisation of door handles and other high touch points
  • Emptying of bins
  • Cleaning of internal glass to remove obvious marks
  • High dusting to remove cobwebs

What is included in commercial cleaning?
Green Fox cleaner completing regular commercial cleaning services

Less common but perfectly acceptable cleaning duties may include the following:

  • Open, clean and reassemble coffee machines
  • Clean gymnasium machines
  • Clean saunas and jacuzzis
  • Clean golf course driving bays
  • And so on....
What is included in commercial cleaning?
Green Fox Cleaner completing slightly more specialist commercial cleaning duties

You get the idea, that the possibilities of commercial cleaning schedules are almost endless.

Any good commercial cleaning company should make your wish their command and meet your requirements, as long as the requests are reasonable and not dangerous - for example expecting a cleaner to balance over a hot grill to clean a cooker hood!

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