Why should you hire a professional cleaning company?

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Green Fox are able to provide an emergency response for coronavirus deep cleans using the latest technology and chemicals via our 24-hour client support line.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company?7 Great reasons!

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company for commercial cleaning services? This article will give 7 great reasons! If you decide to hire a commercial cleaning company, this decision can bring great benefits to your business.

1. They are professionals

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company? Whatever service your business provides, you provide it because you are an expert in that field and have the skill and knowledge to deliver what your clients expect. Cleaning is no different in this respect – cleaners at a good commercial cleaning company are highly trained in how to clean floors, dust, sanitise and much more.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company?
Why should you hire a professional cleaning company?

 Cleaning is considered much more of a science now. Green Fox Cleaning are members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, and their in-house accredited trainers deliver this nationally recognised standard to our fantastic workforce.

2. They know which products to use for the best results

If you are cleaning in-house, chances are you probably have some basic sprays and toilet cleaners for your cleaning. Selection of the best cleaning products will vary sector by sector, and the most effective products will not be found on supermarket shelves.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company? At Green Fox Cleaning, we have tried and tested hundreds of products. We now have a concise range of highly effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products which massively reduce our plastic usage.

3. They keep staff morale up, and sick rates low

Chances are at some point in your life, you have worked in an office or other venue that didn’t employ contract cleaners. Bins overflow, there is no toilet roll when you need it, and debris is obvious on both floors and desks. Nobody enjoys working in an unclean environment.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company? Another truth is that most people simply don’t enjoy cleaning. If you ask your staff to clean before or after their shift, it will be affective their morale – whether they admit it or not.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company? 7 Great reasons!
Employees don't want to clean before or after their normal role

A clean environment with regular sanitisation services will reduce the number of staff sick days per year also.  When your premises is clean, it will reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses in the workplace. This will save money on sick days paid, and delays in completing work.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company? With the ongoing risk of Covid-19 spreading, regular sanitisation with the correct cleaning products to high touch points such as door handles and light switches is essential, and requires specialist knowledge.

At Green Fox Cleaning, we can offer 24-hour response to any suspected cases of Covid-19 at your workplace using the latest chemicals and equipment, minimising any downtime. Click here to learn more about this specialist service.

4. You can focus on your business, and let the cleaning company focus on your cleaning

Staff absence, performance issues and the like should be a thing of the past. A clear agreed schedule should be agreed between you and a potential cleaning company, so there is no confusion over what is expected from every single clean.

A good commercial cleaning company should complete regular audits and ensure that the process ultimately runs invisibly, to your total satisfaction. They should also have measures and processes in place to make sure you never miss a clean.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company? At Green Fox Cleaning, every single clean is GPS tracked and monitored round the clock by an on-call manager. This means you be assured you will never come in to a missed clean.

5. A plan tailored to your needs

Most businesses want cleaning completed outside business hours, with the exception of some sanitisation and other cleaning services. A good cleaning company should work round the clock, with the cleaning fairies working their magic after your finish, and before you arrive the next day.

At Green Fox Cleaning, we work 24/7 for our clients, with a 24-hour client support line, meaning we are there when our clients need us the most.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company?
Why should you hire a professional cleaning company?

6. Transform the appearance of your premises, for staff and visitors alike

The most noticeable overall benefit to your business will be the physical transformation.

You will be surprised at just how much of a difference a good commercial cleaning company  can make to the look of your business. Your business will be gleaming and will become a very welcoming environment. With the selection of a good commercial cleaning company, you should be 100% satisfied with the look of your business after every single clean. A professional cleaning routine like this leaves a great impression every single time.

Did you know – 83% of visitors won’t return to your premises if your washroom is dirty!

Summary of the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company:

No need to manage cleaning staff for performance issues
The cost is fixed and known - no unexpected sick pay
Regular inspections to ensure standards are maintained
Automatic cover in the event of sickness or holiday
The most effective chemicals and machinery are used
No need to monitor cleaning equipment stock levels
The above is all true if you hire a good commercial cleaning company
A number of benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company

If this has got you thinking that you need to look at hiring a cleaning company, click here to read our blog about the most important questions to ask a new commercial cleaning company before making your decision.

Why should you hire a professional cleaning company? We hope the above has answered this question for you now. Good luck in whatever decision you make!

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