7 Great benefits of workplace recycling

7 Great benefits of workplace recycling

The benefits of workplace recycling are something that is more than likely not considered as often, nor as seriously as it should be. This is despite the fact that sustainability and recycling are apparently a priority in the minds of organisations both large and small - with 95% of businesses claiming to take this matter seriously in a recent survey.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the recycling rate has increased from just 7 percent in 1960 to the current rate of over 35 percent. While we have come a long way since 1960, we have a lot of room for improvement. As the climate crisis rages on with little hope on the horizon, every person and workplace not only in the United Kingdom, but in the world, can do their part by getting educated about recycling and putting implementation programs in place.

What is Recycling?

Recycling is the collection and processing of materials that are not considered rubbish, but those that could be processed and turned into new useable materials. Some materials that are considered recyclable include plastics, metal cans, aluminum, paper, cardboard, paperboard, glass and organic material from municipal solid waste.

Benefits of workplace recycling

On the flip side, there are many items that cannot be recycled that sometimes make their way into recycling containers, which causes issues for the community. Some materials that cannot be recycled include food waste, plastic bags and hazardous waste.

How to Convince your Employees to recycle

Use your internal communications such as newsletters, email, and office posters to first introduce your new recycling scheme – make sure to use persuasive and engaging language to create a buzz around the idea.

Make sure that your employees know that they will be making a real difference to the environment by doing their bit. You should introduce the new scheme a week or so before it is officially introduced and then once again on the day.

The more obvious benefits of workplace recycling

There are many benefits to recycling besides the few that you may already have considered. These include keeping local communities clean and lightening the environmental footprint of businesses. One major benefit of recycling is that it helps create local jobs, and wages that are often spent back into the local economy.

Other significant benefits of recycling include:

  • Reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills and incinerators
  • Increase the economic security of the country and local economies by tapping into a domestic source of materials
  • Conserve natural resources like timber, minerals and water
  • Prevent pollution by reducing the need to harvest new raw materials for products
  • Saves energy and can reduce bills

Less obvious benefits of workplace recycling

Inspire natural growth within your company

Job seekers are attracted to organisations with sustainable practices. A recent survey found that just over 65% of people want to work for an organisation with a powerful social conscience. Incorporating greener practices such as office recycling can therefore help to increase customer growth by attracting and retaining a greater number of people when it comes to hiring, growing your reputation amongst those seeking to work for a greener organisation.

Boosts your brand image

Sustainability is often an influential factor for customers. A recent survey showed that over 70% of the UK participants would like more information on the environmental friendliness of brands, so make sure your commitment to recycling is known by prospective customers.

Workplace recycling can help boost your brand image

Being vocal about your company recycling efforts could win you loyalty from both new and old customers.

At Green Fox Cleaning, we offer support to our clients to improve their environmental policies, and reduce their wastage through various methods and processes, including the introduction of centralised office recycling bin systems. Click here to learn more about our centralised bin options.

Centralised bins bring great benefits
Centralised bins bring great benefits

Further government advice around waste removal can be found by clicking here. Office recycling is something that really does need to be taken more seriously, and we hope this article has shown the benefits it can bring also.