What is commercial cleaning certification ( How does it work? )

What is commercial cleaning certification ( How does it work )

With many commercial cleaning companies around, it can be difficult to know which company to pick, when you are simply looking at various websites.

Most of us have worked in an office or other environment where we have found the cleaning to be of a very poor standard. Our first instinct is to blame the cleaner and say they can't clean, but we need to ask the question, why is their cleaning so poor?

This leads on to the subject of commercial cleaning certification. Do you know what commercial cleaning certification is? The title would suggest that it is a qualification needed to clean professionally, however the sad reality is that anyone can start a commercial cleaning company, pull anyone off the street and out them to clean your premises, with little or no training.

Sure they will probably offer a cheap service compared to some companies that invest in staff training, but the results will reflect this, almost guaranteeing no customer satisfaction.

Think about it, why should commercial cleaning be any different to any other service we use at our business? Would you use an unqualified electrician to rewire the office, or let your office staff run with business without training them on your policies, procedures and how to maximise the efficiency of your business?

The sad reality is, many cleaning companies aren't willing to have this outlay, to squeeze every penny of profit they can in this competitive market place. It's an old saying, but if you buy cheap, you buy twice. This is no different in the cleaning world.

At Green Fox Cleaning, we invest in our commercial cleaning certification to professionalise ourselves, and stand out from the crowd. We are members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), and have our own qualified BICSc accredited training team that deliver training to our cleaning operatives.

The amount of sites we quote at where a previous cleaning contractor has been in place and there is absolutely no standard of cleaning at all is worrying.

Why is this training needed?

It is a real misconception that everyone can clean well if they want to. Knowing how to clean efficiently and effectively takes skill. Vacuuming using correct processes can be up to 50% more efficient that not using a systematic process, and avoids areas being missed.

Did you know there is a correct way to vacuum, to mop and even how to fold and use a cloth? Following correct process will benefit your company, as the cleaners will be trained in preventing cross contamination and leaving other health & safety breaches.

Green Fox Cleaning employ BICSc accredited training teams for staff training

How to select a cleaning company that invest in staff training

When selecting a commercial cleaning company for you premises, it can be easy to simply focus on the price. The reality is that a company that do not invest in commercial cleaning certification may well cost you a lot more in the long run.

Companies that invest in their staff will have better retention, meaning a more consistent service for you, and better standards. Invariably, companies that have staff nightmares end up becoming your nightmare also with poor cleans and even missed cleans.

Click here to learn more about Green Fox Cleaning and how we can improve the appearance of your business with ours. Our investment in commercial cleaning certification for our staff results in great staff retention rates, and happy, valued employees.