Finding a great CQC cleaning company for your medical practice -1st time!

CQC cleaning - how to receive a fully compliant service

Whether your medical practice is a doctors surgery, dental practice, hospital or any other healthcare setting, correct cleaning processes are essential to ensure full CQC compliance.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are a large official body that regulate medical premises from all aspects of operations, where cleaning standards play a large part. Cleaning pays a big part in the smooth and safe running of any medical practice, and medical practice cleaning requires stringent processes and procedures and is one matter that cannot be compromised on, nor have any corners cut.

CQC cleaning company
CQC cleaning company

How to select the right CQC cleaning company for your medical premises

Selection of the best CQC cleaning company for your medical premises requires very careful consideration, to ensure the best match for you and your exact needs. These are the six five things that we believe you should consider when selecting a new CQC cleaning company for your practice.

  • Detailed CQC knowledge. You should ensure any cleaning company that you engage to clean your medical premises has good, up to date knowledge of the latest CQC cleaning legislation and requirements. Don't be afraid to ask questions around this to ensure they can confidently answer how daily cleaning tasks are recorded, how often equipment is changed, how often formal audits are completed and so on.
  • Local - Are the CQC cleaning company local? Being local will ensure they have access to the best staff, can be on hand in the event of staff sickness and complete regular site inspections
  • Trained staff - Trained staff will be more motivated, and will take more pride in their role, and ultimately the cleaning of your venue. Companies that value staff will enjoy far higher staff retention levels, ensuring a more consistent service.
  • Missed clean protection - Coming into a dirty medical practice in the morning is simply not an option. Does the company have systems in place to ensure a clean is never missed?
  • Fairly paid, directly employed staff - Are the staff fully employed? What do they get paid? Don't be afraid to ask these questions when receiving quotes from cleaning companies. Many companies will pay the minimum wage which can result in higher staff turnover, and some even use self-employed cleaners to avoid any employers liability. This means they have absolutely no control over the people cleaning your medical practice!
  • Out of hours support - What happens if you need an extra clean out of hours, or there is a problem late at night and you need help to tackle a flood for example? Do they have a 24-hour client support line, or do you have to email and keep everything crossed for a reply?

At Green Fox Cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivered an unrivalled and fully compliant CQC cleaning company service. Our staff are fully trained in-house by our accredited British Institute of Cleaning Science training team. We have a 24-hour client support line, and an advanced GPS staff attendance system monitored live-time 24/7 by an on-call manager, ensuring that you will never miss a clean. We also always pay our cleaners a fair wage, and never the minimum wage.

Infection control in medical practice cleaning

The Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance requires that registered providers of health and social care “Provide and maintain a clean and appropriate environment in managed premises that facilitates the prevention and control of infections”. 

This means that every medical practice should have clear cleaning processes in place to keep staff and visitors safe,

Four key areas around this compliance are as follows:

  • The clear allocation of responsibility for cleaning of all areas of, and items within, the premises
  • A designated person who leads on cleaning
  • Members of staff responsible for cleaning
  • Cleaning schedules and frequencies

Whilst it is of course true that cleaning is ongoing throughout the day, engaging the services of Green Fox Cleaning will ensure that you have a clear cleaning schedule, and dedicated cleaning staff for the deeper daily cleaning of your medical practice.

Medical practice cleaning requires a combination of skill and knowledge to be completed correctly. Understanding of full colour coding processes to prevent cross contamination (click here to learn more), the best cleaning products to use in the healthcare setting, and the high levels of cleaning as disinfection required every single day.

To find out more about how Green Fox Cleaning can improve the appearance of your general practice surgery, dental practice or any other medical practice, click here to learn more about our work in this sector and get in touch.