How to clean office washrooms - great tips to be number 1 and wow your colleagues!

How to clean office washrooms correctly

Knowing how to clean offices and office washrooms correctly is not as simple as you may think. Sure, it is easy for anyone to spray a bit of product and give a quick wipe round, but do you know how to effectively clean your office washroom?

How to clean office washrooms
How to clean office washrooms


Cleaning toilets is the job that most people dislike. Following these tips should make things a little more straightforward and feel like less of a chore:

To start with, flush the toilet. Whilst the toilet is flushing and water is running, take the toilet brush and reduce the water level in the toilet by pumping the brush up and down to push the water around the bend. This will expose the china under the waterline.

After you have done this, pour your chosen toilet cleaner around the rim of the toilet bowl and use the toilet brush to scrub the inside, not forgetting under the rim itself.

If you are using a commercial toilet cleaner with a limescale remover in it then leave the chemical to work for around minutes, or however long is the advised contact time on the bottle. If you are using a normal domestic cleaner bought from a supermarket, you will need to check the contact times on the bottle and should follow this guidance.

Contact time: this is the time stated by the manufacturer on how long the chemical is required to be left on the surface in order to kill the required amounts of bacteria. This can normally vary between 30 seconds and 15 minutes and can be found on the bottle of any product bought off the shelf.

"Always clean from the cleanest point first and finish at the most dirty point. Have different cloths for sink areas and toilets. This will reduce levels of cross contamination."

Green Fox Cleaning accredited training team on how to clean office washrooms correctly

Always clean from directly inside to clean properly. This means cleaning the toilet cistern first, including the handle which is a key and high touch point, and then the toilet lid itself.

After this, clean the toilet seat (both top and bottom) by using an antibacterial spray and finally the bowl itself making sure to clean the outside of the bowl and right down to the floor including any pipes behind. 

How to clean office washrooms correctly doesn't have to be daunting - you now know how to clean your toilets!

TOP TIP - After cleaning a toilet, put the seat down and sit on it. Look around and make sure everything at eye level is clean. You may notice things you would otherwise have missed, and it's what other toilet users will see.

Green Fox Cleaning accredited training team on how to clean office washrooms correctly


It is essential to know and understand how to properly clean a washroom sink, as this is where you wash away any bacteria from your washroom visit.

How to clean office washrooms
How to clean office washrooms

You want to start with a wet cloth, and wipe the sink down to remove and dust and obvious grime. Don't forget the plughole for any trapped hair or other bits.

After this you want to rinse the sink. It sounds obvious, but, if you don’t do so it will be hard for your washroom cleaning product to work as it will be tackling any leftover debris that wasn't removed during your initial wipe down.

Spray the sink with your chosen cleaner, including the drain and taps and thoroughly wipe and work this into all areas. Important - ensure that your chosen cleaning product is safe for use on stainless steel such as taps. 

Rinse the sink down, any metal areas such as drains and taps are prone to watermarks so make sure you dry these with a dry cloth to prevent water marks being left.

If there is a build-up of limescale around your taps or plughole, you can use a bit of your toilet cleaner if it has limescale remover in it if it is safe to be used on stainless steel.

How to clean office washrooms correctly - you now know to to clean your sinks.


Once you know how to clean office washrooms correctly, you will understand the floor is the last part to clean. Think about it logically - if you do this first you will be walking over and marking it whilst trying to do other areas.

How to clean office washrooms
How to clean office washrooms - clean floors last

To start with, you want to complete an initial sweep or vacuum of the floor to remove any debris or rubbish that may already be on the floor.

After your initial sweep or vacuum, you will then need to mix your floor cleaner per the dilution instructions in a bucket and get to work with a clean mop. Be careful not to use too much product, or else you could end up with sticky floors. Learn more about the causes of sticky floors by clicking here.

"Don’t forget to pay special attention to behind toilets and sinks, as well as under urinals. These areas are often forgotten about and dirt can quickly build up. "

Green Fox Cleaning accredited training team on how to clean office washrooms properly

After you have mopped the floor, make sure you place a wet floor sign or a warning until the floor is dry to prevent the risk of any injuries.


Cleaning mirrors properly is a key bit of how to clean office washrooms. You can clean everything else perfectly, but if you leave a streaky mirror, that is all people will notice!

How to clean office washrooms - mirrors

Selection of a good glass cleaning product and a suitable cloth is key. Microfibre cloths are like magnets for dirt; using a microfibre cloth will help to attract – and keep – stubborn particles of dust and grime. When cleaning mirrors, microfibre cloths will also help wick moisture away from the mirror's surface; this plays a huge role in preventing streaks.

Start at the top, and work side to side, down the mirror. Overlap your wipes to ensure the whole surface is covered fully.

How to clean office washrooms is a straightforward process when done correctly. If you would like to learn more about how Green Fox Cleaning can help clean your workplace, click here to get in touch.