Retirement living cleaning services - how to make the best choice for your premises, 1st time

Retirement living cleaning services - making a wise choice

Retirement living premises take many forms - be it warden assisted living, or specialist retirement living premises by nationally acclaimed companies McCarthy & Stone and Churchill Retirement Living. Making the right selection for retirement living cleaning services may seem daunting, but with some basic preparation, the process is very straightforward.

Whilst most people living in retirement living premises remain fully independent, you must always consider that some of the owners living in such premises may be vulnerable. As such, it is essential that any commercial cleaning company you are considering for your retirement living premises cleaning services have good safeguarding measures in place in relation to any staff they are placing at your premises.

Selection and vetting of cleaning staff

Whilst it is normally only the communal areas of retirement living premises that a cleaning company will be tasked with, the level of cleaner vetting is an important consideration. Don't be afraid to ask the following questions to any potential company:

  • How do you select and vet your employees?
  • Do you directly employ all your staff, or are they sub-contractors?
  • What training is given to your staff around safeguarding?
  • What happens if our regular cleaner is unwell, or on holiday?

Experience in the retirement living cleaning services sector

Retirement living cleaning services require a specialist level of knowledge to ensure the smooth running of contracts. They must be run differently to office cleaning services where no-one is present, and the staff member being placed needs to be friendly, efficient and able to engage politely with residents and premises owners, whilst getting their work completed in the allotted time.

At Green Fox Cleaning, we have been working in the retirement living premises sector with nationally recognised brands McCarthy & Stone and Churchill Retirement Living since 2016, and know exactly what is required. The below are just two of many references we can provide, from Area Managers from the retirement living sector that have put their trust in us.

Retirement living premises cleaning services

Use of the most appropriate cleaning chemicals and equipment

Covid made many people realise that cleaning should be viewed as an investment, not simply something on a tick list. Sadly many people lost their lives to Covid whilst living in retirement living premises, and the reality is that some of these deaths almost certainly could have been avoided with more stringent cleaning processes, and the use of more effective cleaning products.

Be sure to ask any potential retirement living premises cleaning company what products they use the minimise the risk of Covid or other infections being spread. Make sure any cleaning schedule is detailed and covers what you as the client should expect - right down to the sanitisation of door handles and light switches.

Make sure that any potential company understand the risk of cross contamination and the beed for colour coding. If they are unable to confidently discuss this subject - it is time to show them the door! You can learn more about this important subject by clicking here.

In summary

We hope that you have found this article on cleaning services within the retirement living sector to be useful. Don't be afraid to ask probing questions when cleaning companies visit to quote, and look at the overall value of the service being offered - not just the cheapest price!

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