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School cleaning services and selecting the right school cleaning company

School cleaning services and educational premises cleaning services are specialist by the very nature of the additional considerations that must be given, with safeguarding being an obvious one. They can work towards improvement of your Ofsted rating, by showing your commitment to continual improvement and development. Selecting the best school cleaning company will be key in allowing you to focus on running your educational premises.

With the size of many schools, teams of cleaners are required every single day, with supervisors to keep everything running smoothly and to monitor cleaning standards. The supervisors at schools will normally be working ones (that is, they also clean) apart from larger sites, where their role is to solely supervise and organise staff. School cleaning services will vary in their setup dependant on the size of the school, and in turn the size of of the cleaning team.

Since the "new world" of Covid, more and more school cleaning services are taking place during school hours, meaning pupil safeguarding needs even more consideration than ever. All cleaners should be highly vetted to include DBS checked with schools clearance status added, and subject to a rigorous company selection process to ensure they are going to be a good fit at the premises, and work with a smile whilst keeping staff and pupils safe.

"Both our cleaners from Green Fox Cleaning are outstanding and I take every opportunity to tell them how happy we are with their work."

School Headteacher where Green Fox provide daily school cleaning services
Green Fox employee completing school cleaning services
Green Fox employee completing school cleaning services

What are the benefits of outsourcing our cleaning requirements to a school cleaning company?

The decision to outsource cleaning arrangements is becoming more and more common in not only educational premises, but in all sectors. Cleaning standards being monitored, holiday and sickness being covered with replacement cleaners and not having to budget sick pay etc are just a few benefits of outsourcing such arrangements.

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Review of Green Fox Cleaning by school business manager

If we already have in-house cleaners, can we still outsource the cleaning?

Absolutely! Legislation around this means that the cleaners roles are likely to be protected, but the process of transferring them to an external company is straightforward, as long as the company are experienced in this legislation.

As an experienced school cleaning company, at Green Fox Cleaning we are highly experienced at the legislation around this process. You can learn more about the Transfer of undertakings and protection of employment (TUPE) legislative process at this link from a previous article we have written on the subject - click here.

What should be expected as a minimum for cleaner vetting by a school cleaning company?

The below list is not exhaustive, but include should be expected as minimum vetting standards by a good school cleaning company:

Does the company offer: A formal interview and vetting process, where identification and address verification documentation is seen, and references are obtained
Do the company ensure: A full, enhanced DBS background check is completed on every cleaning operative that will be cleaning your school?
Do the company guarantee: Full training is provided surrounding the safe use of products, and the importance of never leaving chemicals unsupervised
Do they ensure:A detailed site induction is completed, so cleaners know exactly where to work, and where all emergency exits are.
Security - do they ensure:Uniform and ID cards being issued to all claners, to enable easy and quick identification of cleaners whilst on site
What you should expect from a school cleaning company

What experience do Green Fox Cleaning have in school and educational premises cleaning?

In short, a lot!

Our school and educational premises varies from some schools where we have a single cleaner working, to a university site where we have in excess of twenty employees working every single day. We work with both state and private schools to provide our school cleaning services.

Our in-house training teams, HR team and office support team ensure we are able to deliver the highest possible level of customer service and support.

How can I learn more about Green Fox and get a quote for cleaning of our educational premises?

School cleaning services are essential, but careful consideration should also be given before engaging a company. Ask probing questions from potential companies about their experience in this sector, what safeguarding measures they have in place, and how they can improve the appearance of your school.

You can read more about our school and educational premises cleaning and request a free, no obligation quote by clicking here.

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