11 great ways to make cleaning fun when cleaning your home or office

11 great ways to make cleaning fun at home or at work

For a lot of people, there are few things they dislike more than cleaning their home or workplace. Cleaning doesn't have to be this way though - the purpose of this article is to give you 11 simple ways to make cleaning your home or office more fun.

Invite friends over

There’s no denying that cleaning can be tedious at the best of times, especially if you’re completing a bigger deep clean or ae end of tenancy clean.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, invite friends over to keep you company. Bribe them with pizza or alcohol (but not too much before all the cleaning is done!) and have them help, or even just sit in the room you are cleaning and chat. Simply having someone to chat to whilst cleaning can make the time fly by!

Ways to make cleaning fun
Make cleaning a social event

Treat cleaning as exercise

Cleaning is a great way to burn calories. Treating your cleaning as a form of exercise is one of the easiest ways to make cleaning fun. Typically cleaning can burn 150-250 calories per hour, dependent on the intensity of the cleaning.

You will feel great after cleaning if you have built up a sweat, and can avoid a trip to the gym later that day after a good exercise session!

Exercise is one of the easy ways to make cleaning fun
Exercise is one of the easy ways to make cleaning fun

Pretend you are cleaning a friends home

Use your time cleaning to be nosy and have a good snoop around your own home! It may sound crazy, but look at every detail that would irritate you if you were snooping around someone else's home. Is there debris under the sofa, dirt behind the toilet? After the distraction and concentration doing this, the cleaning time will pass in no time at all!

Ways to make cleaning fun
Ways to make cleaning fun - be a detective!

Listen to music that will motivate you

Much like many of us like to listen to faster music when cleaning to keep us running, the same is true when cleaning. Playing music with good base and a fast beat will motivate you to clean at a good pace, and make cleaning your office or home feel like much less of a chore. It is one of the easiest ways to make cleaning fun for sure.

Ways to make music fun
Music is one of the great ways to make cleaning fun

Make a hands free phone call to a friend or loved one

How often do we think to ourselves that we really need to call a family member or a friend, but there is always something to do? Why not use a hands free device and chat to them whilst cleaning your home - you will feel great not only for completing the cleaning, but hopefully have a laugh or two along the way during the phone call!

Clean for shorter, but more often

The thought of cleaning your home or office for two hours make fill you with fear. Why not clean every weekday for 30 minutes, and divide the tasks up? The time will fly by, with the same result achieved at the end of the week. Just make sure you remain organised and don't miss any areas when cleaning this way!

Clean to an inspection level and take pride

If you live with a loved one or have a good friend or family member visit often, clean a room to a standard you are 100% happy, and then challenge the person to find fault with your cleaning. After being caught out with a dusty door frame or skirting board, you will feel total satisfaction when the person is unable to pick fault with your cleaning! In terms of ways to make cleaning fun and feel proud some hours later during the inspection, this is a great way!


Why not dance around with your vacuum or mop! Whether you are imaging Mrs Doubtfire or being a singer superstar, no one is there to see - so why not take the chance to act as wild as you like! Ways to make cleaning fun don't get much easier than this!

Have regular breaks and reward yourself

Set a time every 20-30 minutes to save you getting bored or tired. During the break have a small treat such as a small piece of chocolate, a nice cup of tea or a healthy snack such as fruit. Just make sure you are working hard enough during your cleaning periods to burn those snacks off!

Buy good cleaning equipment

Cleaning with old, inefficient equipment is a sure fire way to lose interest and motivation. An old vacuum cleaner that chucks out more than it picks up, or an old mop that is more dirty than your floor will not only take longer to clean, but will drive you insane whilst cleaning. If you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, click here to learn more about the three best types of vacuum for cleaning your home or office.

Having good cleaning equipment and modern gadgets is definitely one of the better ways to make cleaning fun, if not the cheapest!

Let someone else do it!

If cleaning really isn't for you, then you could look at a good cleaning company for cleaning your home or workplace. That's definitely giving you time back for fun to do other things you enjoy more!

Cleaning your own office is unlikely to kill you, but why take the risk? To find out how Green Fox Cleaning can take care of your workplace cleaning requirements, click here to learn more about us and request a no obligation quote.

We hope these ways to make cleaning fun will prove useful!

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