How to clean large office buildings ( Create a plan of action )

How to clean large office premises

Knowing how to clean large office premises can appear daunting to say the least. Cleaning a small office with one or two members of staff is straightforward, but how to clean a larger premises is a completely different beast.

With more and more businesses designing their offices to offer open plan working, office spaces are becoming larger, and a structured process is required to clean them.

Clean large office
Knowing how to clean large office buildings requires skill

Large building? Break it down

Not literally, but when understanding the process to clean large office premises, a good way to make the process less daunting is to break the building down into floors, or even break larger floors in half.

You can then assign dedicated cleaning operatives to cover set areas, avoiding confusion over the areas that require cleaning. This simple step will make cleaning of the premises much more straightforward.

Benefits of outsourcing cleaning

Have a clear cleaning specification

A clear cleaning specification is key to clean large office premises in both an efficient and effective way. It makes it clear what is expected, and what should be completed every visit, and which tasks can be done less frequently, on a rotational basis.

Without a cleaning schedule, it is hard to challenge staff about areas that have been missed. It is also important that staff are trained to clean correctly and safely.

Regular audit inspections will help ensure the cleaning schedule is being followed and the clean is being completed to the best possible standard.

A good commercial cleaning company should always provide a detailed cleaning schedule if providing your cleaning services.

Work high to low, in one direction

Start on the top floor, and work down. In a large office, clean the highest points and work round the office in a clockwise direction, working from the outside of the room and working in. This will ensure that no areas are missed, and the clean is as efficient as possible.

Clean large office
Always clean high to low

It may be tempting to vacuum first thinking it is a large task and wanting to get it out of the way, but if you do this first, any debris removed when dusting will fall to the floor, meaning you need to repeat the process at the end of the clean. Clicking here will help you select the best vacuum cleaner for your premises.

Seriously consider centralised bin options

Centralised bins are large bin bases placed in strategic places in larger office premises. If you think that large office premises can have well over 100 employees, 100 desk bins will be time consuming to change and damaging to the environment. Four centralised bin setups could serve the same number of employees, and result in cost savings. Click here to learn more about centralised bin systems.

Centralised bins bring great benefits
Centralised bins bring great benefits

In summary

Cleaning a large office premises doesn't have to be any more of a challenge than a smaller office. It simply requires more planning to ensure a slick, efficient process can be implemented to complete the task.

The best way to keep your office looking great is to employ a contract cleaning company. You can click here to learn more about office cleaning services undertake by Green Fox Cleaning.

We provide cleaning services to both nationally recognised brands, as well as smaller independent businesses. We clean large office blocks with teams of cleaners and supervisors every single day, as well as a visit or two per week with a single cleaner at smaller premises.

Fully vetted commercial cleaners
Fully vetted commercial cleaners