Childrens nursery cleaning - how to make yours look great every time - focus on 4 key areas!

Childrens nursery cleaning services

Nurseries need to be kept free from germs, bacteria and viruses. They also need to look great visually to encourage parents to place their children at your premises rather than a competitor.

Below are some great tips that should make your daily childrens nursery cleaning more organised, bringing great results.

Keep your floors clean

Babies and toddlers spend most of their time on the floor at nurseries, which means regular and thorough childrens nursery cleaning is essential.

This is especially true of carpets, which can quickly become a reservoir for dust mites and mold, and can hide a multitude of sins if dark in colour.

Nursery cleaning
Nursery floors need thorough cleaning, every day

If your childrens nursery is carpeted, vacuum daily using a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. These specially designed vacuum filters trap dust particles and other allergens, preventing them from being redistributed into the air.

If the floor has hard floor and for toilets, ensure a good quality floor cleaning product is used, and mixed to the correct dilution rate to prevent your nursery getting sticky floors. Click here to learn more about other causes of sticky floors, and how to avoid it.

Colour coded buckets and mops are also essential to prevent the risk of cross contamination in childrens nursery premises. Click here to read another blog about cross contamination and how to prevent it.

Eliminate clutter at the end of each day to make cleaning easier

Less clutter makes for quicker childrens nursery cleaning, and in turn reduces your cleaning costs. By simply asking your staff in each class to place all toys away at the end of the day, this will speed up the cleaning of your premises, and ensure the floor can be cleaned thoroughly, every single time.

Cluttered floors increase cleaning time, and can result in poor standards

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Eco friendly cleaning products are not only better for the environment and work towards sustained green cleaning practices, they are always a smart choice when it comes to childrens nursery cleaning. They are better for staff and babies, with the risk of reactions associated with more harsh cleaning chemicals being removed. They also show the parents using your nursery that you care about the environment and want to make a difference.

Green cleaning
Green cleaning fits well with nursery cleaning

Sanitise thoroughly, every night

Whilst it is true that your staff will be sanitising throughout the day, a thorough disinfection every night during your nursery cleaning process is essential. You should use a suitable sanitising product to clean all areas, making sure not to forget some high touch points to include the following:

There are of course many other areas that will need sanitising during your childrens nursery cleaning routine, but the above are the ones that we see missed the most often.

Green Fox Cleaning and nursery cleaning services

At Green Fox Cleaning we work closely with both independent and chains of childrens nurseries to deliver unrivalled, local daily childrens nursery cleaning services,

To successfully deliver our commitment, we provide a detailed and clearly managed cleaning service, using only eco-friendly cleaning products.

We are committed to making sure that the babies and toddlers in your care stay healthy, and your premises looks great, clean after clean.

Our cleaners are dedicated to each nursery they clean to ensure personal pride is taken, and are highly vetted to ensure full safeguarding is given.

We operate an advanced GPS tracking system with all employees which is monitored round the clock by an on-call manager, meaning you never have the risk of a missed clean and not being able to open.

To find out more about our work in nursery cleaning and other educational premises, click here. To get in touch and request a free, no obligation quote for cleaning of your nursery, simply click here.

Nursery cleaning
Green Fox specialise in Nursery cleaning

What exactly is a nursery?

The term "nursery" is often used to cover a wide range of group settings for early years childcare in a variety of settings. There are differences between settings, in terms of the services they provide and their visual appearance and setup, but all nursery settings offer professional, registered childcare for children under 5.

Nursery schools, maintained nurseries and pre-schools alike tend to cater for children aged between 3 and 5 years, offering early education in the couple of years before they begin "big school". Many of these settings are purpose-built and are sometimes part of the larger school building as almost part of a feeder setup, allowing the children to develop and grow in a familiar environment..

Day nurseries tend to provide childcare for children from the ages of six weeks to 5 years. Opening hours vary but an average day nursery is likely to open between 7am and 8am Monday to Friday, to accommodate working parents and typically close between 6pm and 7pm. This means that nursery staff will often work shifts. Most day nurseries will close at the weekend.

Nursery schools and day nurseries are run by a mixture of private businesses, local authorities, voluntary or community groups, schools, colleges or employers. Settings can range in size from the very small with just 15 or so children in the nursery to large, with up to 150 children in the setting and a large team of staff keeping everything running smoothly and safely.

In England, nurseries work within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework.

Playgroups and pre-schools offer care and education to children aged 2 to 5 years, with sessions lasting typically from two to four hours. These operate during term time only in most cases, tend to be smaller settings and may have morning and afternoon sessions.

Nurseries tend to be organised around the ages of children, and will often be split into rooms for different aged children.

Each room will have a lead staff member, and the staff team will tend to remain with the same children to keep a friendly face present and hep them relax.

The nursery management team must ensure that each room in the nursery has the right number of qualified staff as detailed by current regulations, and this is dependant on both the age of the children, and the number of children. The ratios all nurseries must work to are outlined in the regulation frameworks.

Nursery cleaning by Green Fox Cleaning is always a safe bet.