How to clean a standing fan - Great tips how to get inside those blades - 7 easy stages

How to clean a standing fan

Do you know how to clean a standing fan? You will do after reading this short article.

Also known as pedestal fans sometimes, standing fans have been a constant fixture both at work and home. Whilst they will mainly be used in the summer months, a good number of will have a standing fan running in the bedroom when we sleep, finding comfort from the gentle background noise.

Clean a standing fan
How to clean a standing fan

It is very important to clean your standing fan to keep dust to a minimum and maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

While your fan is running and blowing out air, it is also blowing dust particles throughout the room in which it is situated.

Dust gathers on the grill of your fan and on the blades as well. Regular cleaning of your standing fan will assist in lowering the number of allergens going around the room.

Here is our guide on how to safely and effectively clean your pedestal fan.

Safety first, every time

Always turn off the socket switch and unplug your fan before considering any attempt to clean it fully. Wrap up the cable to prevent it being a trip hazard. This process will take less than 30 seconds, but will avoid any risk of injury.

If you accidentally pressed a button when cleaning a fan blade, the consequences don't bear thinking about. Also injury aside, you could spread dust round the room when cleaning, adding more time than it has taken to undertake basic safety preparation.

Remove the front grill safety cover

The first thing you want to do in order to clean a standing fan, is to remove the protective front grill. Most standing fans will have two small screws which can simply be removed. Make sure you put them somewhere safe for once you have completed the cleaning process.

Remove the centre cap

After you have removed the protective front grill, you need to remove the centre cap which is in the middle of the fan and covers the point where all three fans meet. These will normally simply twist to remove, but some variants may have a catch or a small screw holding them in place.

How to clean a standing fan

Remove the fan blades

The next part of the process of stripping the fan down is to remove the fan blades. These will normally slip off, but some may have a small screw holding them in place.

Remove the front grill safety cover

After you have removed the fan blades, the last part of the stripping down process is to remove the rear safety grill cover. This will either simply slide off, or again may have a small screw holding it in place.

Make sure you keep all screws removed safely together for when it comes to putting the fan back together in a small bowl. A good ordered process is keep in order to not only clean a standing fan, but put it back together again!

Get the vacuum out

A good starting point when preparing to clean a standing fan is to vacuum all parts of the fan including the stand unit to remove any build up of dust. This will cut time in half compared to manually wiping all areas with a cloth, after which you would need to vacuum any dust that has fallen on your floor anyway!

Time for a bath (or at least a large bowl!)

In order to clean the protective gills, fan blades and centre cap thoroughly, you either need a deep bowl that the all these items can be fully submerged in, or you may even find it easier to fill a shallow bath depending on the size of the fan blades. Fully submerging the fan blades will ensure a deep clean is completed of every part of the fan, ensuring an effective process every time you undertake this process to clean a standing fan.

Your best friend here will be washing up liquid. Add a small amount to your water and give it a good mix up. Use a clean cloth to wipe or scrub any dirt and dust from the parts.

Time to dry, and reassemble

Make sure that you rinse and fully dry all parts of the fan before reassembling the fan, ensuring there is no moisture that makes its way into the motor of the fan. Keeping those screws in a safe place earlier will make this process quick and simple.

We hope that you have found this guide on how to clean a standing fan has been useful.

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